Yard lighting is essential because aside from improving security, it also embellishes your lawn and flower gardens. Your backyard is also an essential part of the house because it is the best place you can gather with friends and loved ones. When it comes to lighting products for the yard, the market has numerous options. We understand if you might get confused when shopping for one. If you are looking for the best yard lights available on the market this year, we have prepared a list for you to help you make the right decision. Along with this, we have also included a buying guide to let you know the important factors you need to consider when choosing the best product.

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Buying the best yard lights this year

With all the options available on the market, we understand if it gets hard choosing the best model for your home. We have prepared a list of factors you need to consider when selecting the best yard lights.


You don’t want lighting that is either too bright or too dim for your backyard. When choosing the best option for your yard, you need to check the wattage capacity of the bulb. This is the amount of electricity the bulb consumes. If it is too high, then your electricity bills will also be high.


It is the measurement of light emission. In simple terms, we can define it as the light output or brightness. A standard incandescent light with 100 watts can produce up to 1700 lumens. Bulbs like LED, fluorescent, and solar also have different levels of lumen production.

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What is the recommended power and lumens for my yard?

Well, if you have a small yard, then you can settle with mid-range wattage lamps. These lamps are designed to produce gentle to moderate lighting. Besides, they may consume at least 40 to 80 watts. These lamps may also be great options if you want to light a large area, but you need to mount them from a post or wall. Low-wattage lamps are quite energy efficient, but their lumens may not be enough to light a small yard. These bulbs are however great for lighting doorways, accenting your flower beds or even illuminating your outdoor sitting area.

Solar or electric yard lights?

Both choices have their share of pros and cons. solar lights have grown as a popular choice these days. There are good quality and durable solar outdoor lights available on the market that perform very well. With this choice, you don’t have to worry about spending money on electricity bills. On the downside though, these may not be a good option in extreme cold or on those rainy days. Electric yard lights, on the other hand, require little maintenance and can be used for many years without any glitch. They are a great choice in cold and rainy areas.

Motion sensing lights

For better security, you can settle with yard lights with the motion sensor feature. These lights glow only when there is movement within the field of vision. They are also a great idea because they help reduce power consumption as well.

Types of yard lights

Yard lights come in different styles, and we will talk about a few of them in our article. Each of these lights come with their share of pros and cons to give you different lighting effects. Here are some options you can choose for your home:

Path lights

Path lights are the most common types of yard lights. Many homeowners widely use them. They are small posts with built in lights that you can spread in your sidewalk or garden path. The main advantage of these lights is that they have more decorative looks than other yard lights. We recommend buying wired path lights instead of solar lights if you want permanent lighting.


Yard spotlights are designed to give you the same effect spotlights from theaters have when they shine on the main actors. Spotlights have narrow beams so they can focus on a single structure at a time. These lights are a great choice if you want to highlight a specific area in your garden, like architectural details or a unique statue.

Well lights

These yard lights lie at a low level with the ground and help create a seamless look in hardscape and landscape settings. These also are great for giving your yard an appealing look. Because they lie low to the ground, they are often designed to be more waterproof than other models on the market.

Driveway lights

These lights create a welcoming environment for your home. These lights can either be solar or electrical. They are mainly designed to provide better illumination and ensure safety. When setting up these lights, it is important to add just the right number of units to avoid creating a runway-like effect in your driveway.

String lights

They are quite short but flexible enough to decorate your yard, especially during parties and holidays. String lights are the most inexpensive options we have seen so far.


These units are a great option to in suburban yards. They provide just the right amount of light to let you host a party or leave your kids, enjoying the playing ground on their weekly party.

How many yard lights do I need?

A lot of things come into play when you think about the number of lighting fixtures you need for your yard. First things first, though, you need to consider the purpose of lighting your backyard. Do you need them for security purpose or to add a visual appeal at night?

Don’t forget to choose the right types of yard lights that we have mentioned above depending on your reasons for outdoor lighting. Rather than focusing too much on the number of lighting fixtures, we advise you to focus on choosing the best units that let you highlight the aesthetic aspect of your home while still providing the much-needed security for your backyard.

How much space should I leave between yard lights?

Before deciding on the space, first, you need to understand the purpose of buying the yard lights. Next, consider the quality of the lights then don’t forget to factor in wattage and lumens. You can space the lights as wide as possible if you settle with yard lights that have bulbs with a higher wattage.


How much are you willing to spend on the best yard lights? When shopping for a unit for your home, price is an important factor especially when you are on a tight budget. Make sure you have a budget in place and stick to it. With a budget, you are able to narrow down a number of options until you find a model that meets your specific needs and style without affecting your budget.

12. Amico Security Lights

12. Amico Security Lights

  • By: Amico
  • Price: $43.99
  • Rating: 17 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

The security of your compound is paramount. That is recommended you get a reliable yard light. This LED light by Amico is the right to pick for home or office parking. Created from full metal housing, it’s sturdy and helps in heat dissipation. As a result, you can always enjoy a long life bulb operation.

It boasts 5000k color temperature and 3300 lumens, and it creates exceptional illumination. Equipped with motion sensors, it is a great security yard light.  Apart from sturdy construction, the light is waterproof, making it ideal for all weather application.

And, with powerful 42-Watt LED bulbs, these yard lights are incredibly bright and energy efficient.  The motion detection sensor has 120 degrees sensing angle and 47 feet range.

11. TORCHSTAR Dusk-to-Dawn Floodlight

11. TORCHSTAR Dusk-to-Dawn Floodlight

  • Price: $34.21
  • Rating: 1,984 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

Keep your yard properly illuminated and enjoy improved security for a whole night. Al you need to look is this barn light by Torchstar and experience convenience. There are no more high bills since this as a power rating of 32 watts. Not only the bulbs are energy efficient, but they are also durable since heat generation is minimal.

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The rugged aluminum construction renders the light exceptionally strong and lightweight. Tasked with protection against weather and other effects, it also assists in dissipating heat. The dawn to dusk photocell ensures the light works automatically hence great for reducing work needed to switch On/Off. The wide angle of light projection offers large area lighting while the light enjoys up to 50,000 hours of operation.

10. LEPOWER LED Security Lights

10. LEPOWER LED Security Lights

  • Price: $39.99
  • Rating: 462 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

Save energy while offering your yard super bright illumination. It’s made possible by this 3500 lumens floodlight from Lepower. Unlike conventional yard lamps, this boast LED heads that are several times brighter than old yard lamps. The lamp is remarkably economical since it saves up to 80% of electricity bills. Furnished with motion detection technology, it has 180 degrees of sensor action hence better than most lights.

This unit comes with three heads with each configured at different angles. Due to this, people can install one lamp and get a wide angle if lighting. Amazingly, the IP65 waterproofing ability give the light ability to withstand all weather conditions. Whether rain, snow, or sleet, the light perfectly performs.

9. Hykolity Barn Light Dusk to Dawn

9. Hykolity Barn Light Dusk to Dawn

  • By: hykolity
  • Price: $26.99
  • Rating: 361 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

The Hykolity is one of the top performing lights for use in yards. Enjoying exceptionally high light capacity, it delivers 4400 lumens. Despot all this light, it saves you up to 70% energy bill. The 40 watts LED bulbs are safe and don’t overheat, hence saving energy as well a lasting for many hours. The bulbs are said to last over 50,000 hours meaning no changing like older version bulbs.

The construction is remarkably durable. Created from rugged aluminum, the lamp is safe and sturdy to resist weather damage. On the other hand, the aluminum doesn’t suffer from corrosion and erosion hence durable. Due to its excellent design, it boasts an IP65 rating. Whether there is a strong storm or snow, the lamp remains intake. Above all, the sensor enables the automation of this lamp for increased convenience.

8. Hyperikon LED Barn Light Outdoor

8. Hyperikon LED Barn Light Outdoor

  • By: Hyperikon
  • Price: $44.95
  • Rating: 60 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

When you want to enjoy high-quality lighting outdoors, Hyperikon is the answering light. It is sturdily made lamp to be used everywhere without weather and other elements restrictions. The superb technology and materials used in its construction ensure it performs to your expectation. Low power consuming LED bulbs ensure they deliver 120 lumens per watt. With an output of 6000 lumens, it performs better than other yard lamps.

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Forget the manually operated lamps. With this, it delivers automated performance, and it has dusk to dawn photocell, which ensures efficient On/off automatically. Mounting the light is simple since it can be used in different poles or other installation platforms. Apart from the yard, the light is ideal for garages, workshops, and other places. With minimal wiring needed, people can mount it without needing experts.

7. GLORIOUS-LITE White Light

7. GLORIOUS-LITE White Light

  • Price: $34.99
  • Rating: 149 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

Lighting up your backyard every day can be a significant way of increasing power bill. Especially when using the incandescent bulb lamps. But, Glorious-Lite LED work light is one of the best. The light is designed to ensure there is enough light in your yard, warehouse, and other places. Compared to other lamps, this has a brighter light of up to 8000 lumens. The chips used in this lamp are durable than regular LEDs.

With lower energy consumption, it generates less heat. Also, it boasts improved heat dissipation, which gives them improved lifespan. The combination of construction materials and grooved design allows ample air circulation hence cool operation. With an IP66 rating, no more worrying about water or snow damage to your outdoor lightings.

6. Bobcat LED Area Light

6. Bobcat LED Area Light

  • By: Bobcat Lighting
  • Price: $65.59
  • Rating: 770 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

Upgrade your home outdoor lighting with this LED yard light by Bobcat. It’s one of the upgraded lamps for an outdoor application that comes with replicable photocell. This means you can change the existing photocell without affecting the light performance. Boasting 80 Watts LED chip, they are super bright delivering 9500 lumens and 5000k white light.

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Fitting this light is extremely simple more than you can imagine. It is ideal for mounting in poles as well as walls. Due to this, it is possible to use it whole mounted on different platforms. With the ability to provide light in an area of 150 by 150 feet, the lamp is ultimate to add in parking, home, and factories.

5. LEONLITE LED Yard Light

5. LEONLITE LED Yard Light

  • Price: $79.99
  • Rating: 64 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

Keep your home looking fabulous at night by installing reliable lighting? With Leonlite Street light, it is possible to keep outdoor illuminated without adding a huge electricity cost. This light is rated 75 watts, and power is low compared to halogen lamps. Despite reduces wattage, the bulb offers daytime light with 8000 lumens. This is equivalent to 600 watts incandescent lights.

Due to the high-quality light, this lamp is designed to be versatile and ideal for different places usage. Premium aluminum housing eliminates heat accumulation, erosion, and shock. Above all, the housing is weatherproof and also dustproof. Sleek design and integrated photocell ensure the lamp created automated lighting.

4. Shine Tech LED Security Dimmable Barn Light

4. Shine Tech LED Security Dimmable Barn Light

  • By: ShineTech
  • Price: $25.95
  • Rating: 77 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

Keep away intruders by lighting your compound sufficiently. It is possible through this high-efficiency lamp. This 40 watts LED outdoor lamp from Shine Tech brings all the lighting to your home. Delivering 5500 lumens and 5000k color temperature, the lamp is highly reliable. With high-quality bulbs, they last for thousands of hours. Amazingly no more changing of bulbs like halogen lamps.

Despite extra white light, the lamp is lightweight and offers ease of mounting. Additionally, the fixing arm is capable of allowing multiple surfaces mounting. For worry-free operations, the lamp has a photocell which enables automated switching on and off.

3. Hykolity Security/Area Yard Light

3. Hykolity Security/Area Yard Light

  • By: hykolity
  • Price: $44.99
  • Rating: 160 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

Keeping your home secure is now simple without the need for high tech gadgets. This security yard light by Hykolity is designed to light up your yard. Despite the high lumens output, the lamp is energy efficient. This is due to the LED chips used in the designing of this lamp. With only 80Watts energy rating, the lamp delivers 8800 lumens higher than other lights.

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The construction is superb and reliable boasting rugged cast aluminum. Unlike other materials, this one is light and helps in excellent heat reduction. Additionally, there is no corrosion or bulkiness hence easy to install. Due to the high light output, a lamp is an excellent option for parking lots, homes, farms, and other places needing high capacity floodlights.

2. STASUN Security Lights

2. STASUN Security Lights

  • By: STASUN
  • Price: $154.99
  • Rating: 95 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

Stasun 200 watts is a heavy duty outdoor lamp tasked with the ability to deliver the brightest light. Fitted with LED chips, they are extra durable and doesn’t produce a lot of heat. This translates to high energy conservation, unlike the traditional bulbs. Even if they have reduced power usage, the lamp boasts 18000 lumens which are great for keeping the yard and other places exceptionally lit.

Instead of installing lamps at different points, this one solves this. It has 360 degrees light projection hence ideal for large areas. Instead of several lamps, this has two heads that are adjustable to enable proper focusing. The robust die-cast aluminum is reliable and keeps the lamps cool. Polycarbonate lens used are sturdy and shatterproof hence shielding the LED chips from damage.

.1 iThird Solar Security Light

1. iThird Solar Security Light

  • By: iThird
  • Price: $23.99
  • Rating: 1,005 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

Whether you have a party at night or for general home security, yard lights are vital. One of the best outdoor lights is this solar powered lamp from iThird. Unlike other lamps, this eliminates the power bills. It has an integrated solar panel and rechargeable battery to ensure they provide seamless lighting. Apart from illumination, the lights have sensors to detect motion hence a great way to improve security in your home.

The construction of this lamp is amazing since it is designed to last for a long time outdoors. Unlike the plastic casing in some lamps, this features stainless steel and sturdy ABS material. Also, the weatherproof design ensures the lamp last for years.


Did you find the best yard lights for your home? We hope that you were able to single out a single product that meets your specific needs and style. Don’t worry because when selecting these products, we made sure to consider their prices so we are sure there is something you will find within your budget.

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