Adding outdoor lamp post lights is one of the popular and best ways to decorate your home. You are reading this article because you want to find the best outdoor lamp post lights for your house. We understand how much this is important to you. Well, aside from adding a nice touch to your home, these lamp post lights are also a cost-effective way of lighting your garden, driveway, or pathways. If you are on the market for one, we have prepared a full list plus a buyer’s guide to help you make the right buying decision.

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14. Nuvo Lighting One Light Post Lantern

15. Nuvo Lighting One Light Post Lantern

  • By: Nuvo Lighting
  • Price: Price not available
  • Rating: 230 Reviews
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The unique design of the Nuvo post lantern makes it perfect for all outdoor lighting needs. It boasts an elegant design that truly stands out from the competition. With this wonderful design, it has become one of the top brands on the market. Also, with the continued offering of well-crafted products of unique style, Nuvo has grown to be a popular name.

Well, this post light features premium construction as it uses high-quality materials. The design is completely waterproof and can withstand all weather elements. Due to this excellent crafting, Nuvo outdoor post light is incredibly durable and can serve as a long term investment.

For those looking for the best outdoor home improvement tricks, this post light is one simple solution. The Barnboard Jigged Molasses Bone Handle is one of the unique aspects of this lamp. Also, it boasts SS Long Clip Blade making it one of a kind outdoor LED post light.

13. Nuvo Lighting 60/4928

14. Nuvo Lighting 60/4928

  • By: Nuvo Lighting
  • Price: Price not available
  • Rating: 331 Reviews
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This is yet another great post light model from Nuvo Lighting. It features an elegant and rigid construction to ensure it is a perfect addition to outdoor décor. It features a poised design but has more features to offer. The rigid construction entails 0.4-inch metal aluminum and not cheap plastic. Thus, it looks beautiful and can withstand torture from UV exposure.

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It is weatherproof, dustproof and waterproof and is, therefore, perfect for outdoor lighting as well as indoor use. For easy installation, it comes with predrilled holes for a hassle-free mounting.  Well, it is perfectly smooth and has a beautiful printing with lamination. Also, the corners feature a unique rounded design to allow safe handling. Moreover, it boasts a bronze finish, which makes it extremely elegant, a perfect outdoor décor booster.

12. Nuvo Lighting One Light Post Lantern

13. Nuvo Lighting One Light Post Lantern

  • By: Nuvo Lighting
  • Price: Price not available
  • Rating: 331 Reviews
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When you have the best outdoor lamp post light, you not only enjoy perfect lighting at night, but you make your home look better. With so many premium models from Nuvo lighting, it is quite easy to choose the best. This one features a black textured finish which can blend with different outdoor décor. You can as well use it indoors.

Also, it features a high-quality design that is UL certified.  With 100 watts power consumption, this is a powerful outdoor lamp which is ideal for various applications. The poised design makes it look amazing, and it blends well to any décor.

It boasts cast aluminum casing which is weatherproof, beautiful and extremely durable. The glass is tightly sealed and is robust to protect the LED component inside. And, it comes with all necessary mounting hardware to allow straightforward installation.

11. ETOPLIGHTING Outdoor Post Lantern

12. ETOPLIGHTING Outdoor Post Lantern

  • By: eTopLighting
  • Price: Price not available
  • Rating: 441 Reviews
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The ETOPLIGHTING outdoor post light features an extremely charming design. It offers a polite expression of a beautiful exterior.  It features a luxuriously looking matte black body finish. As well, it features an elegant beveled clear glass body which can complete your home’s exterior decoration. It is quite versatile as you can decide to install it the front or back entryways. Likewise, this can be a perfect addition to the porch, deck, balcony, and patio.

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This fixture boasts strong aluminum die-cast and an incredibly strong beveled glass. Moreover, it uses one incandescent or a compact fluorescent bulb. It comes with mounting bracket and necessary screws for hassle-free installation. The beveled glass and the aluminum housing possess an airtight bond to make this fixture totally waterproof. The oil rubbed matte black finish makes this fixture extremely elegant. It can blend with any décor excellently.

10. Gama Sonic GS-106PL

11. Gama Sonic GS-106PL

  • By: Gama Sonic
  • Price: Price not available
  • Rating: 419 Reviews
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If you’re searching for the best outdoor lamp light that will transform your outdoor space into an epitome of elegance, the GS-106PL will do the trick. It is solar powered and therefore is energy saving. Thus, it represents a perfect replacement for gas-powered and electric outdoor lighting. In addition, it allows you to show off well-decorated flowers and foliage all the time.

It measures 77 inches measured from the planter base. And, this outdoor lamp requires no electric wiring as part of the installation. It boasts cast aluminum construction which means that it is rustproof and weather resistant. Well, the planter base features durable poly-resin.

It is solar powered and features replaceable lithium-ion battery pack. These batteries are good for about 10000 charges or approximately three years. It includes four integrated solar panels for fast charging. It also features an integrated photocell sensor to put the lights on at dawn and off at dusk.

9. Sea Gull Lighting 82529-12

10. Sea Gull Lighting 82529-12

  • By: Sea Gull Lighting
  • Price: $91.90
  • Rating: 17 Reviews
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As your search for the best outdoor lamp post light continues, you need to give close attention to the Sea Gull Lighting. It is designed to give your home more security and beauty. As a result, it lets you spend more pleasurable hours outdoors. Well, Kent outdoor lighting fixture features high quality crafting from premium die-cast aluminum.

With this impressive construction, it can withstand harsh outdoor weather elements. Besides, it possesses a traditional styling that is inspired by the antique gas lanterns. This incredibly elegant post lantern is offered in either black finish with clear beveled glass or oxford bronze with clear seeded glass.

That’s not all; the assortment comprises small and large outdoor wall lanterns with a flat bottom and also an additional design of large and small lanterns with a finial on top and bottom. Other amazing models include one light outdoor semi-flush pendant and one light outdoor post lamp. Amazingly, these fixtures convert to LED. This post lamp features etched glass panels which really boost the outlook.

8. Kemeco ST4311AQ Solar Post Light

9. Kemeco ST4311AQ Solar Post Light

  • By: Kemeco
  • Price: $99.00
  • Rating: 363 Reviews
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Here is an irresistible option for those looking for the best way to lighten up the outdoor space. The Kemeco ST4311AQ LED Solar Post Light Fixture feature die-cast aluminum construction. So, it can withstand harsh weather elements. It features an automatic working mechanism which turns it off at dawn and on at dusk. It is designed to allow simple set up without any wiring to do.

And, there are two ways to use this outdoor post lamp. You can have it on a three-inch round post or fix it with the mounting base. Thus, you can set it in a preferable position and height for maximum performance. It boasts a highly efficient design that comprises of 6 high power LED bulbs and four solar panels.

Boasting the latest Kemeco technology, it allows the rechargeable battery to attain its maximum capacity to allow efficient outdoor lighting. For decorative style, it features classic aluminum lamp post adapter, square mounting base, and ripple glass.

7. Gama Sonic GS-97B-F Outdoor Solar Lamp

8. Gama Sonic GS-97B-F Outdoor Solar Lamp

  • By: Gama Sonic
  • Price: $199.00
  • Rating: 69 Reviews
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There is no shortcut to enhancing the outdoor look of your home. You must invest in some good things such as outdoor lamp post lights. And, one of the best of these devices is the GS-97B-F Imperial Bulb Light Outdoor Solar Lamp.  It is quite evident that this is solar powered and therefore a great way to save energy bills.

The new patented technology picks the conventional idea of a light bulb and combines it into an outdoor lamp post. Well, this lamp post boasts automatic dusk to dawn lighting. Thanks to the integrated photocell sensor and incredibly powerful battery. With no wiring required for installation, this outdoor solar post light is a perfect solution for DIY enthusiasts.

It is affordable and hence great for those who want to take their landscape lighting to another level without breaking the bank. Also, it boasts weather resistant cast aluminum and mitered glass construction. So, there is no maintenance required.

6. Gama Sonic GS-98B-F-WB

7. Gama Sonic GS-98B-F-WB

  • By: Gama Sonic
  • Price: $168.00
  • Rating: 138 Reviews
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This outdoor post light fixture boasts patented design. Well, the engineering of these solar lamps is inspired by the New Orleans street lamp design. These are professionally designed to offer impeccable dusk to dawn performance. Thanks to the highly sensitive and accurate photocell sensor. This sensor can detect light at dawn and put it off and detect the absence of light and turn it on at dusk.

It features an elegant and rigid construction entailing cast aluminum and beveled glass panels. One of the unique aspects of the construction is the cone reflector that facilitates multidirectional light dispersal and elegant glow. It is also incredibly energy efficient as it will shine up for 10 hours with a single charge.

5. Kemeco Solar Lamp Post Light

6. Kemeco Solar Lamp Post Light

  • By: Kemeco
  • Price: $159.00
  • Rating: 93 Reviews
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Do you want to transform the way your outdoor décor looks at minimal cost? This fairly affordable outdoor light fixture will be a good resort. It features an ergonomic design which you can bring to your backyard, garden, or patio. It combines efficient solar technology with a traditional appearance to be the best you can have. It features a built-in lithium-ion battery pack which guarantees up to 12 hours of service on a single charge.

It offers a unique decorative style that entails a die-cast aluminum post, square plastic planter, and ripple glass. With a total of 6 high power LED bulbs, this fixture produces perfect brightness that can change the outlook of any outdoor space regardless of the existing décor. Thus, this is not only a functional lighting but also a decorative addition to your yard. It is weatherproof, and therefore it won’t need any maintenance.

4. Sterno Home Solar Street Light

5. Sterno Home Solar Street Light

  • By: Sterno Home
  • Price: $160.66
  • Rating: 563 Reviews
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The Sterno Home outdoor LED post light features a truly unique design. So, it is a functional and decorative piece for any outdoor space. It boasts a classic lamp post design reminiscent of a vintage street lamp. As well, this is a weatherproof light fixture as it boasts rustproof cast aluminum design. Well, it is designed to conquer all weather elements.

For maximum functionality, it is equipped with 12 LED bulbs which provide 50-lumen glow to brighten up your paths, stairwells, driveways, walkways, patios, and any other outdoor space of your home. The installation is cake walk mission as there is no wiring to be done. Also, this outdoor lamp post light is programmed to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Thus, the operation is effortless, and you won’t experience any inconvenience.

3. Gama Sonic GS-98B-S-WB Outdoor Solar Light

4. Gama Sonic GS-98B-S-WB Outdoor Solar Light

  • By: Gama Sonic
  • Price: $299.99
  • Rating: 138 Reviews
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The marvelous design of this lamp post light makes it great for modern outdoor decorations. It features a rigid and weatherproof construction and can last for up to 50000 hours. And, it also possesses dual to dawn performance as it features a built-in photocell sensor. Well, this is designed to copy the common 360 degrees light spread reminiscent of a traditional incandescent outdoor bulb.

However, it requires no electrical wiring and therefore is extremely easy to install. You only need to expose it to direct sunshine, and you leave it to do the rest. The combination of die-cast aluminum and real beveled glass panes make it extremely elegant. It uses a powerful battery that keeps it running for 10 hours with just a single day’s solar charge. The other aspect of the design is the inclusion of a reflective cone. This unique feature allows multidirectional light dispersal and perfect glow.

2. Bellagio Traditional Outdoor Post Light

3. Bellagio Traditional Outdoor Post Light

  • By: John Timberland
  • Price: Price not available
  • Rating: 8 Reviews
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The handsome design and the antique-look of this street lantern from the Bellagio collection will amaze all beauty lovers. It represents one simple and affordable way to boost décor and visibility of your home. It boasts three lantern head in the attractive champagne hammered glass. On the other hand, it features a warm bronze finish. The design comes complete with pole, top lights, and surface mount adapter base.

Well, it uses 60 watts standard base bulbs of either incandescent, LED or CFL types. It features a weatherproof design with a perfect waterproof rating. So, it can withstand or harsh weather elements and still function extremely well. Moreover, it is durable and boasts a straightforward installation. The combination of three lantern style and the beautiful veranda bronze finish makes it truly a charming masterpiece for outdoor decoration and lighting.

1. Bellagio Outdoor Light Post

2. Bellagio Outdoor Light Post

  • By: John Timberland
  • Price: $149.95
  • Rating: 86 Reviews
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Apart from the Veranda Bronze finish, there is so much to admire from this outdoor light post.  It is one of the best-rated post lights since it has a lot of features to enjoy. It is incredibly energy efficient and offers a perfect way to illuminate any dark outdoor space. It boasts a traditional design that combines an elegant bronze finish and champagne hammered decorative glass.

And, this fixture can be pier mounted using the unique adapter. This outdoor lamp post light offers a simple and reliable way to illuminate walkways, driveways, and any outdoor space you feel it needs a décor and illumination boost. It is designed to use four maximum 40 watts bulbs of LED, CFL, and incandescent types. However, this comes as a post light only and doesn’t include the pole. And, it is dimmable with the right dimmers and bulbs that are availed separately. So, this creativity by John Timberland offers a simple and lasting solution for all your outdoor lighting and décor needs.

15. Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Lamp Post

1. Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Lamp Post

  • By: Gama Sonic
  • Price: $133.31
  • Rating: 507 Reviews
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Are you looking for the best lamp post light? There are a lot of features to enjoy from the GS-105S-G Baytown post light. It uses solar energy as the main source of power. Thus, it is energy efficient since solar energy is free. However, it is equipped with internal lithium-ion batteries which charge when the sun hits the panel.

It comes with EZ anchor system, which makes the process of installation extremely easy. Besides, it has a built-in indicator which will verify when the post base is stable. The battery pack is quite powerful and can power the lamp for a whole night.

Similarly, this post light has a photocell sensor which allows the device to turn off at dawn and on at dusk automatically. Since it uses no electric wires, it eliminates dangerous cords.  In addition, this outdoor lamp post light looks magnificent and is, therefore, a perfect décor booster.

What should I know before buying an outdoor lamp post light?

The market is full of a variety of products, all with different designs and features. Besides, they also sell at different prices, so you need to have a few things in mind before making a final buying decision.

  • Price: Price is an essential factor to consider when shopping around. You need to go for a lamp post light that meets your budget. Don’t forget though that cheap is expensive. No need buying a low-priced model if it is going to cost you a lot on repairs or even a replacement after a few months. We recommend you go for models that pack the best features and are highly durable. Of course, this means you have to throw in a few extra dollars.
  • Size: It is also important to consider both the size of the main light and the size of its bottom. This helps you determine where you will be able to set it up. The size of the unit also helps determine the amount of light it will provide.
  • Durability: It is also important to consider the material used to make your preferred model as this affects the durability of the product. Those made of plastic may not be able to endure the outdoors as much as post lights made of steel.
  • Waterproof: Speaking of enduring the outdoors, the best outdoor lamp post lights need to be able to stand whatever is thrown its way. It needs to be waterproof to prevent rain from getting into it.
  • Range of light: The best model should also be able to illuminate a large area. Of course, you want the lamp post light to illuminate the area around it, but if it can go a bit further, the better.


Choosing a specific model depends entirely on your needs. Besides, design, unique features, and prices vary from one buyer to another. We made sure to include models with different prices tag to be able to cater to the budget-conscious person as well. If you want the best outdoor lamp post light, we hope our list helps you take the first step when shopping around and making a decision.

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