All-Terrain electric skateboards, also known as a longboard, are the next big thing when it comes to personal transportation options. They are the laid-back method of moving around, but best of all, they are fund and a great way to explore the outdoors. An off-road electric skateboard is designed to do everything your hoverboard can do except better and more fun. These models give you the best of both worlds. They are designed with powerful motors that can take you at speeds that a traditional board cannot without compromising on comfort.

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If you are looking for the best model on the market, there are numerous options to choose from in a pool full of the best all-terrain electric skateboards this year. Don’t worry, though. We have a list of products that we believe stand out from the rest based on their performance, durability, and build quality.

What is an off-road electric skateboard?

These are personal transporting devices that are fitted with a hub or belt driven motor and controlled with a Bluetooth handheld device. While we are still in the mood of defining things, it is also essential to know what they are not. An off-road electric skateboard is not a hoverboard that lets you ride face forward and can limit speed or aid balance.

It is certainly not a toy either therefore it can be more dangerous than the traditional skateboard. We would not recommend buying one for any child below 13 years plus you need to wear protective gear anytime you ride it.

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Buyer’s Guide

All-terrain electric skateboards are quite popular in urban and suburban areas. They have become a big hit among teens, and equally, have a broad base among adult recreational users. But why do so many people love an all-terrain electric skateboard? Well, for one, they are relatively cheap and portable. Besides, they help you explore places that a traditional skateboard would not take you.

It may be hard finding the right model that matches your taste and meets your needs. That is why we have put together a guide to let you in on some of the most important things you need to consider when shopping for the best all-terrain electric skateboard.


You stand a better chance of getting the best all-terrain electric longboard if you first understand what you want it to do and the area it will cover. Longboards are a great choice if you use routes that are pretty open with a few tight turns. All-terrain electric skateboards are designed to cover longer distances than their shortboard counterparts.


You should also consider how you plan to use the skateboard before heading out to buy one. If you plan to use it every day as a way to get around each day, then you are better off investing in a high-quality all-terrain electric skateboard with great reviews from people who have used it. You need to make sure the skateboard is durable and delivers as promised without minding too much about the price. The board should be easy to maintain. Besides, you need to make sure it won’t require a lot of repairs on an occasional basis. For those who plan to use the board maybe once a week, say over the weekend for recreational purposes, then there is no need breaking the bank for an expensive model.

Weather condition

It is also worth taking into consideration the weather condition you will ride frequently. Riding when it’s raining gets the roads wet, and water can seep into your board’s electronic compartments. Remember that these all-terrain electric skateboards are not designed the same. We recommend buying a model designed with larger treaded rubber wheels if you have to ride in wet conditions.

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Skill level

You can go for a cheap non-electric model if you are starting with zero experience. However, if you are new to skateboarding but still want an all-terrain electric skateboard, we advise you first to test the waters with a less expensive model.

Range and battery

These two are mainly influenced by the terrain and the conditions you’ll be exposing your all-terrain skateboard to. More power is required if, for example, you ride your skateboard on the hills, which in turn means that more battery power is consumed. Unfortunately, this also affects the range your skateboard covers in the process. An all-terrain electric skateboard with a range of more than 15 miles is an excellent option if you plan to traverse hilly areas.


When it comes to buying the best all-terrain electric skateboard, then you need to pay close attention to choosing the right wheels. Large air filled wheels are an excellent option for off-road riding. Make sure that you settle with a model that can handle anything the rough terrains throws its way.


It is also essential to settle with a model that has a powerful motor for the best off-road experience. Getting a high power motor means that you need to be ready to throw in a few extra dollars for the best all-terrain electric skateboard. If you don’t need that much power though, then you can go for low-end models and save some dollars in the process.


Think about the weight of the skateboard, especially if you will be taking it with you on trips. The market is full of many light options that you can choose from so shop wisely.

Weight limit

These boards also have a maximum weight limit that they can support. When shopping around, make sure you choose a model that can support your weight without compromising on the overall performance. Remember that weight plays a vital role in your skateboard’s overall performance as it impacts its top speed, maximum hill gradient, and the range.

10. Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

12. Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

  • By: Boosted
  • Item Weight: 17 pounds
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You may want to have the best electric skateboard if you want the best experience. However, thrill seekers people will appreciate the Boosted Stealth design. It is a high-performance electric skateboard that can conquer any terrain that you want to experiment. It is built from scratches up with attention to detail in every stage of its development. There is no sure way to enjoy skateboarding than using this device. So, this upgraded design offers excellent speeds and accelerations, which are essential for anyone who wants to experience this outdoor fun on rugged roads. Moreover, the deck design is epic. It has been redesigned by utilizing developed in the manufacturing industry to have this machine offering more riding fun. The same concept of this skateboard retains flexibility, Vibration absorption with excellent carving capabilities. With a focus on providing a convenient daily commuting solution, the drive train of this machine has been upgraded using CNC precision machined trucks. Also, these skateboard feature 85mm stratus wheels

9. Evolve Skateboards Bamboo ONE Electric Long-board Skateboard

11. Evolve Skateboards Bamboo ONE Electric Long-board Skateboard

  • By: Evolve Skateboards
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The Bamboo One is an entry-level electric skateboard by Evolve Skateboards. It features a short and wide deck and runs on a single motor. However, it features a powerful battery that can carry you for about 20 miles. It features a price that matches its premium construction.  The combination of the wide tracks and broad design of the board offers perfect cruising and carving. Also, its short nose design offers excellent stability while cruising at high speeds.

It is designed to offer a unique feel for perfect and quick turns. The single motor design also has its benefits. It reduces drags that are usually caused by motor belts. So, it offers fantastic coating ability compared to dual motor skateboards. While testing torque and acceleration, this will be quick in pro mode. However, it can be jerky accelerating quickly because the single motor tends to send a ton of power straight to one wheel.

Moreover, the combination of an incredibly large and powerful battery with a single motor function, this device offers an amazing riding range. It is remote enable and features a user-friendly remote control device. It works well though it lacks the safety lock feature meaning that an accidental tap on any button could mean something messy. The built-in app is typically to track the ride through GPS. Although it has many features worth 5-star ranking, this board feels a little bit expensive.

8. Teamgee H5 37

10. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

  • By: teamgee
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This is a top rated electric skateboard boasting UL Certification E503354. The board is only 0.5 inches wide meaning that it is one of the thinnest boards on the market. It also boats an incredibly low profile design. Well, it is only three inches above the ground. With the enhanced stability, controlling this device is cake walk mission. In terms of dimensions, this skateboard is 8.7 inches wide and 37 inches long. You will as well appreciate the lightweight design of this device, which enhances perfect portability. This outdoor sports equipment weighs only 14.5 pounds but is incredibly strong and can accommodate a maximum load of 200 pounds. The dual motor design means that this offers a great torque more than the single motor. So, fast acceleration and hill climbing is a simple task for this fascinating skateboard. Each motor is 350 watts in terms of power output. When you do the simple math, you’ll realize that this is a machine built for speed and powerful riding on all terrains. Its top speed is 22 miles per hour, and its range is 9 to 11 miles. The deck feature 10- ply Canadian maple and one ply fiberglass. This device also comes with an electronic remote control device which you can use for changing direction, speed, reversing, and other functions.

7. MEEPO Electric Skateboard & Longboard

9. MEEPO Electric Skateboard & Longboard

  • By: Meepo
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While evaluating the best skateboard involves a lot, MEEPO electric skateboard features a state of the art design that speaks for its quality. It features dual motor design with a total power output of 800 watts. It is among the latest version of electric skateboards.  And, this version boasts an electronic speed controller. Thus, it is very simple to use and ride, even for beginners. The durable construction is also another merit of this longboard.

It features a unique motor design with urethane sleeves which are not replaceable since they are incredibly long-lasting. It can achieve a maximum speed of 29 miles per hour. And it is capable of maintaining balance and stability even at extreme speeds. Thanks to the aerodynamic and low profile design coupled with great motor torque. The braking experience is also among the latest upgrades for this skateboard. Well, the braking force gradually increases as you move the throttle wheel.

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4. Atom Longboards 95X Mountain Board

8. Atom Longboards 95X Mountain Board

  • By: Atom Longboards
  • Product Dimensions: 43.5 x 16.5 x 8.5 inches
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Product Highlights
  • PHT graphic material and aluminum grip tape
  • Strong base made of die-cast aluminum for sturdiness
  • V braking system for instant and safe braking
  • Self-recharging mechanism

Are you an entry level riding looking to achieve all aspects of skateboarding within the shortest time possible? Atom longboard skateboards feature an electric design that lets you ride effortlessly. Besides, it features a wide deck and wide tires which enhances stability in all inclinations of the terrain.

The tri spoke hubs makes the wheels incredibly strong to withstand the torture that you may encounter on those rough terrains. The ATS trucks ate made of strong die-cast aluminum with strong hanger and base. The maple laminate deck is strong, durable and looks stunning on any terrain. PHT graphic material and aluminum grip tape are also features that make it an outstanding device to skate over the roughest terrains in your area.

You can ride at maximum speed without worrying about your safety since the V braking system will take care of you. It enhances instant and safe stopping even on the steepest terrains you encounter. This is an ideal hill attacking equipment since it features a versatile design that succeeds no matter how rough the terrain is. Thanks to the knobby tires and quality f1 bindings among other outstanding features.

Best Seller Products

6. Maxfind Max 2 Dark Wheels Dual and Single Motor Skateboard

7. Maxfind Max 2 Dark Wheels Dual and Single Motor Skateboard

  • By: Maxfind
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You haven’t found the best high performing skateboard. The Maxifind Max skateboards feature a highly stable body design and are super powerful. With a maximum speed of 23 miles per hour, this can be the best skateboard for daily commuting and sporting activities. Moreover, you can select either the single motor or dual motor version. But, these are designed to offers amazing performance and can achieve 30 percent grade hill climbing.

So, it is still a classic option if you’ll be riding around hilly terrains. It comes with electronic remote control with two riding modes. So, amateurs or beginners have a chance of enjoying smooth riding. The deck design maintains a good degree of flexibility and stiffness. This is to enhance maneuverability, robustness, and versatility. As well, it features independently replaceable tires, battery, motors, and motherboard. With this impressive design, this skateboard is among the easiest to maintain.

5. Teamgee H9 37

6. Teamgee H9 37″ Electric Skateboard

  • By: teamgee
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The Teamgee H9 electric skateboard boasts a solid and elegant design. The deck is a bit wider than the regular skateboard and is made from 10- ply Canadian maple. The deck also features one ply fiberglass. This maintains its lightweight design and is nice for maneuvering through thin and bumpy pathways.  It is durable as it features 4 polyurethane wheels. The frame features a high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy. And for smooth rolling over obstacles, it uses high elastic SHR95A shock absorbers made of PU material. The maximum load capacity is 285 pounds. On the other hand, the massive battery capacity makes this device among the strongest. We are talking of 450 mAh battery with a charge time of two hours and running time of 6 to 8 hours. It supports remote control function. So, it is hassle-free to control acceleration, reverse, brakes, cruise function, and others.

1. Moto Tec MT-SKT Dirt Electric Skateboard, 1600watts

5. Moto Tec MT-SKT Dirt Electric Skateboard, 1600watts

  • By: MotoTec
  • Item Weight: 71 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 46.5 x 11 x 21 inches
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Product Highlights
  • Dual strong motors with 1600 watts in total
  • Wireless remote control
  • Three speeds variants
  • Easy assembly required
  • Maximum speed up to 22 mph
  • 36 volts battery with a capacity of 14AH

Moto Tec employs the real automotive technology to give you the best skateboarding experience. It features two motors which deliver 1600 watts of power when combined. This motor power combination enhances great torque combination to conquer all slopes and rough terrains.

Besides, each motor is situated on each of the rear wheels so that the device doesn’t twist in during acceleration. It ensures that you remain in a stable position when you command the device to accelerate. It is powered by a strong lithium-ion battery rated 36 volts and with a capacity of 14AH which means that you can enjoy 1.5 hours of continuous use without recharging, and when it comes to recharging, it only takes about three hours to charge the battery without encountering any charging malfunctioning fully. It can achieve a speed of between 18 to 22 mph of which is dependents with the weight of the rider.

For stability purposes, it has strong suspension and springs which are durable and can withstand huge magnitudes of a shock to keep you and the deck safe.

The deck features a wooden design and is remarkable lightweight to allow great stability since the COG requires to be as low as possible. The tires are approximately 8 inches thick, well adapted for roughly textured terrains to avoid skidding or losing balance.

4. Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series

4. Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series

  • By: Evolve Skateboards
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This is yet another model from Evolve skateboards that in one way or other r qualifies to be among the best. It is built to allow smooth rolling over hard and compact surfaces. Apart from poor terrain capability, this skateboard can climb up 25 percent hill gradients. It features a super powerful motor that offers great torque and speed. The top speed for this longboard is 25 miles per hour. This is quite terrific for a compact skateboard such as the carbon GT series. On the other hand, it uses a smart remote control function.  It features magnetic control triggers to facilitate smooth acceleration and braking. Plus, the LCD allows real-time data reading for speed, distance, and diagnostics. Also, you’ll be able to choose among the four function modes of the skateboard operation. These include GT, fast, ECO, and SLOW. Thus, you will be riding according to the needs of various terrains and comfort.

3. Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo GTX Series

3. Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo GTX Series

  • By: Evolve Skateboards
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Looking for the best all-terrain electric skateboards? That’s cool. Here is yet another remarkable innovation by Evolve Skateboards. The bamboo GTX series is one of the recent breakthroughs in skateboarding technology. It features an overhauled deck design with a massive lithium battery. Also, the fine-tuning the deck flex and laser cutting grip tape.

Also, it boasts oversized wheels up to 97mm sizing. The results are that this all-terrain skateboard can achieve a maximum speed of 26 miles per hour. With a huge battery range of 3i miles per charge, you can use this electric longboard to take long distance riding while enjoying the adventure. With different modes to choose, both pro riders and amateurs have a good chance of enjoying every step of their riding journey. Among the modes, you can use the GT mode to unleash the insane power and ability to climb steep hills.

Best Overall

2. Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard

2. Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard

  • By: Boosted
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This skateboard qualifies to be among the best skateboards as it features a winning combination of power and transportability. It is built from the ground to improve the urban and countryside commuting experience. It uses powerful electric motors for a smooth hill climbing experience.

Besides, it allows you to accelerate up a hill without breaking a sweat. The braking system for this longboard is powerful and smooth. It is designed to accelerate to impeccable speeds uniformly without any risk of falling.

This all-terrain electric skateboard is lightweight and allows you to visit any place without portability inconvenience. Also, you can choose between 6 miles range and12 miles range making it a perfect gadget for epic rides and a longer commute. Well, the board is built with vehicle grade durability in mind. Besides, the battery capacity is incredible and allows you to choose different modes without any worries.

Our Pick

1. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

1. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

  • By: Boosted
Buy from

There is no shortcut to it. But for thrilling skateboarding fun, you need to invest in the best all-terrain electric skateboards. The Boosted Mini X is a simple solution for any thrill seeker in skating. It features a dual motor design allows this small commuter device to attain speed as high as 20 mph even on uneven paths. The 1000 watts motor output also ensures great torque for hassle-free hill climbing.

Also, you will love the offer of three ride modes uniquely tuned to the Boosted MINI X electric skateboard. So, you can select the best mode to fit your comfort and riding style as well as demands of the terrain you’re riding. The use of regenerative brakes allows smooth stopping.

Moreover, the deep composite deck keeps you locked in with extreme riding fun. It uses a powerful battery with a charging time of one hour and 45 minutes and 14 miles range. Amazingly, it is equipped with 80 mm wide wheels for a smooth rolling experience on all terrains.

Over to you

We hope that this article has given you all the information you need to get the best all-terrain electric skateboard. Don’t worry because the products we have listed cater to everyone so whether you are on a tight budget or not, we are sure you will find something affordable.

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