All work without play makes jack a gloomy boy. Wood swings come in handy as a fun activity and a relaxing point.

Parents buy swings for their kids as a play tool. But they are not only for playing, but they also support children body and brain development, improve their moods, mobility, and also alertness.

Your child gets to be very conscious of what they do. Adults mainly use swings to relax and have conversations. So, if you intend to improve your child’s development, have fun and make memories while in a wood swing, read on!

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what is a swing?

A swing is a seat suspended by ropes or chains attached on to a tree branch a beam or frame. One sits on it and swings backward and forward. Sometimes a little push is necessary.

It comes in different types and designs. You make a selection depending on your need and where you intend to place it.

In designing a swing, safety is paramount. Since children can be clumsy, it is necessary to ensure the swing seat is stable and ropes strong.

Below is a carefully researched and selected a list of the best options in the market.

12. Happy Pie Play & Adventure Hanging swings

12. Happy Pie Play & Adventure Hanging swings

  • Item Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.7 x 6.2 x 0.5 inches
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Happy pie play and adventure hanging swing is a pinewood made swing that is lightweight with a charming visual appeal.

  • It comes as a two-piece and measures 17.32 * 0.55 *6.89 inches in wood size.
  • Has a PE rope length of 1.8 meters and supports a max of 200lbs in weight.
  • It easy to attach and adjust the swing height from 46’’ to a 70.8” to suit a user.
  • Also, your playset or tree height should be above 59” for a fun and stable experience.
  • Its’ large size makes it usable for children of age five-plus and adults.

The swing is rugged but durable with rust-resistant adjustable chains. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor. On extremely harsh weather its best to keep indoor for damage prevention.

11. Childhood wooden swings

11. Childhood wooden swings

  • By: Fun Tree Swing
  • Item Weight: 2.95 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 7.3 x 1.5 inches
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Childhood wooden swings awaken all your childhood nostalgia, down the memory lane for a fun and exciting experience.

  • It is designed for both kids and adults and has a 7.5 * 17.7 *1.2” swing seat size and accommodates up to 220lbs.
  • It is solid pine wood construction that applies a unique mechanism in managing adult weight and is a non-slip.
  • The ropes are nylon of 7.5 ft in length, endures harsh weather conditions with minimal tensions or instability.
  • For optimum use, install on a stable playset or a hardwood tree like oak. In the installation, after placing the hanging kit, tie rope on it, adjust the height, and you are done.

The swing comes in a standard pale yellow pine wood color. You can customize for a personal touch by painting, making it a beautiful site for kids, you and your backyard.

Enjoy happy relaxing moments!

10. CAF Amish Heavy Duty Porch swing

10. CAF Amish Heavy Duty Porch swing

  • By: CAF
  • Item Weight: 45 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 47 x 26 x 7 inches
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For a heavy-duty high capacity swing, CAF Amish swing is the ideal choice. It is an authentic handmade swing featuring a rollback design that contours to your body for a comfortable and tranquil experience.

  • It is made from kiln-dried pressure-treated pine wood. The treatment enhances its’ resistance to decay, keeps away insects and other organisms that destroy wood.
  • Swing measures 51w *27D *21H with seat dimensions of 46w *19D *19H with an 800lbs capacity — thick slats with a cup holder attached on the sides.
  • The edges are smooth for enhanced safety.
  • Hanging chains are attached to the swing and can hang from an 8-foot ceiling. The swing comes partially assembled with manual for proper installation.

Have yourself a comfy porch as you chill and sip your drink, worry-free with family and friends!

9. Aonekey Natural wood swing

9. Aonekey Natural wood swing

  • By: Aoneky
  • Item Weight: 5.95 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 7.9 x 1.1 inches
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Need something to mimic nature, to blend in with the yard? Aonekey natural wood swing fit the description perfectly.

  • It is constructed from high premium hardwood. It is a rustic four-hole swing attached on a 10 feet rope with a capacity of 350 pounds.
  • Hardwood used is firm dry and raw with low moisture of between 10-20% keeping it sturdy even in wet weather. The resistance nature guarantees more extended service on outdoors.
  • The seating area is large enough and accommodative. Surface light grain and doesn’t slip.
  • It comes already assembled, the rope isn’t adjustable but has a perfect height to accommodate both adults and kids.

Its simple fashion look is perfect for photo sessions by either sitting, swinging, or any other style. Also suitable for studios, leisure parks, and homes.

8.      Ecotribe wooden horse toddler swing

8. Ecotribe wooden horse toddler swing

  • By: Ecotribe
  • Item Weight: 5.25 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 5.5 x 25.5 inches
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Ecotribe wooden horse toddler swing option is the ultimate toddler swing. The artistry design caters for toddlers between 6months to 3 years with all safety measures in place.

It’s constructed with laboratory tested and verified smoothed untreated birch wood with a natural finish, and durable cotton ropes to ensure safety for the toddler.

  • Features a horse design on the front where your toddler holds onto with bucket seat back where he is immersed with legs dangling below.
  • The bucket seat offers protection and support all round. The sanded edges are for additional safety.
  • Birchwood is stable while the cotton ropes are wear-resistant.

The swing is easy to assemble and hold infants of up to 44pounds. Perfect as an indoor or outdoor. Can be hanged practically anywhere around the home, on the playground, backyard. You can quickly fix on either high or low ceilings.

7.      SummerDream kids tree wood swing

7. SummerDream kids tree wood swing

  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13.7 x 7.7 x 2.8 inches
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SummerDream kids tree wood swing will provide comfort and fun for your playful kid for hours.

  • It features a beautifully curved seat with a subtle finish that offers high stability while in motion. Capable of withstanding harsh weather and still maintains its luster.
  • It is a four-piece premium wood crafting with an adjustable 70” inch super strong rope.
  • The strength and durability is enough assurance to hold and balance your kids’ weight keeping them safe.

It is suitable for kids above five years and some adults. Hang it on your backyard, playground, front yards, tree branch, or frame. Allow your kids to make those memories with this swing!

6. Jack post-Country Garden Swing

6. Jack post-Country Garden Swing

  • By: Jack Post
  • Item Weight: 30 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 52 x 27 x 24.8 inches
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Jackpost Country garden swing is an elegant classical designed outdoor swing. It is a two-person accommodation and adds a beautiful visual appeal on your porch.

  • The swing is crafted from quality hardwood made to last with bronze powder coating on the steel frames. It measures approximately 52 * 27* 24.75 inches with a max weight capacity of 500lbs.
  • Swing contours well with our bodies and has a curved bottom keep it safe with enhanced comfort. The chains are quite robust, durable, and attach firmly to keep it stable.
  • The wood guarantees prolonged use.

For proper care, it is best placed under a covered area, and there is a wood care guide that comes with the package. It fits well in the countryside as well as urban area.

5.      Best choice products 3seater porch swing

5. Best choice products 3seater porch swing

  • By: Best Choice Products
  • Item Weight: 40 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 20.5 x 22 inches
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Best choice products 3-seater porch swing, 48 L *20.5 w *22 h inches and a 500 lbs, will act as an exterior décor on your lounge with is beautiful decorative appearance.

  • It features a classical design with a curved slat back and a natural brown finish that complements any patio.
  • The 3-seater bench is crafted from weather-resistant Acacia wood with 4 –foot zinc-coated rust-resistant metal chains.
  • This set up ensures more extended service and comfort.

Its’ large size makes it a great conversation place with friends and family. Enjoy good company and fresh air while relaxing!

4.      Pellor wood Tree swing seat

4. Pellor wood Tree swing seat

  • By: Pellor
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.7 x 0.6 x 7.9 inches
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Pellor Wood tree swing seat is a brightly colored wooden swing seat from natural wood.   It has galvanized metal rings for adjusting, it assures you of comfort and security.

  • Its design features a non-slip ridged seat with slightly raised sides giving a curvy look. The seat which measures 45 * 20 *1.6 inches, and offers larger sitting space.
  • It has a max load of 100kgs.
  • For longer use and protection from outdoor environmental factors, a coat of paint on the wood will be advisable.
  • You can install quickly since only need to choose your hardwood tree or frame for hanging, tie the traps on the kit then adjust the height to your desire.

Ideal for both in and outdoor, it can be hung from a tree branch, or a beam — such a lovely and fun addition for everyone to your backyard.

3.      Aonekey waterproof wood

3. Aonekey waterproof wood

  • By: Aoneky
  • Item Weight: 3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 7.1 x 1.1 inches
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Aonekey is a waterproof hardwood crafted swim, 400 lbs max capacity, with an authentic wood color suitable for children and adults.

  • Its surface is covered with a varnish that helps resist rain, wind, sun, and other wood damaging organisms. These features make it outdoor friendly and durable.
  • The seat is a single piece with four rustic holes where the swing rope passes through and tied to a fixed height.
  • It has round edges reducing the chance of human harm.

Excellent for photo-taking sessions, studios, Leisure Park centers

2.   Jack post Jennings traditional swing seat

2. Jack post Jennings traditional swing seat

  • By: Jack Post
  • Item Weight: 18 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 48.8 x 17.8 inches
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As the name describes, jackpost Jennings swing seat features an original classic style in physic and unfinished cypress look.

  • It is a 4 foot and accommodates a two-person sitting with a 400 lbs max capacity.
  • It assembled size is 49.25 * 21.75 *17.75 inches and has chains holding it for calm swing and sway.

For a more extended service, hang it under a covered area to protect from harsh weather.

1.      Amish 5ft heavy-duty porch swing

1. Amish 5ft heavy-duty porch swing

  • By: CAF
  • Item Weight: 50 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 27 x 7 inches
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Amish 5 foot heavy-duty porch swing offers a chilled and relaxing area for you and friends. It also amplifies your patio beauty with its unique, vivid appeal.

  • It is crafted from kiln-dried pressure-treated pine wood and a soy-based cedar tone stain finishing for a higher resistant to harsh environments and extensive service.
  • The body slats are all rounded for safety and the hanging chains strong enough for the suspension.
  • It comes with a cup holder section offering a better option for chilling while sipping your drink. It is a comfortable and durable porch swing.

A buying guide for the best wood swings

As stated earlier, swings are for a fun activity. That means, their demand is always high as most families want their kids to have a space for play. Schools, kindergartens have children playground and leisure centers need leisure tools.

With these in mind selecting the most appropriate swing can be a tiring affair. In this guide get to know what to consider before making any purchase.

  • First, who are you buying it for?: Know who will be using the swing. Is it the children, yourself, or the entire family? This will guide you in making an appropriate selection. For example, children prefer hanging swings while adults mostly need porch swings. If you intend to purchase for the entire family, consider something large enough, stable, sturdy, and accommodative to all its users.
  • How you intend to use it: Will, your kids, use it as a play tool, or you need a place to relax or a new beauty to your yard? Knowing the primary purpose, and use will narrow down your selection.
  • Safety: How safe is the swing? What factors have been placed to minimize accidents or cause harm? You will need to analyze the stability of the swing, the type of ropes that suspends it, where it hangs from, the material used for the swing seat, is a slip or non-slip? Will it break easily? The edges also need to be smoothened or rounded.
  • Service delivery: Knowing how far your swing can stretch in service delivery is essential. Wood swings are subject to environmental damages, more so harsh weather, insects and molds. Know how it is resistant to these and how you can increase its service delivery through proper maintenance.

In a nutshell

Best swing for toddlers;

Ecotribe wooden horse toddler swing: It features a unique design suitable for toddlers. Offer support and protection and is eco-friendly, safe for both baby and environment.

Best garden swing;

Jackpost Country Garden Swing: It is elegant with perfect body contour shape and a round bottom. It offers stability, durability, and utmost relaxing space.

Best swing for kids;

SummerDream kids tree wood swing: It is the stable and robust swing that offers high balance and safety for the children during play. It is also durable.


Before making any purchase, your needs come first. Find a suitable swing that fits your requirements, is safe, and will last long.

Add leisure and beauty in your home!

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