If you love the aroma and taste of the food prepared over charcoal, then this article is for you. Everyone loves the feeling of having a great meal outdoors with friends and loved ones, especially during the summer season. The key to a great grilled meal is buying the best grill to meet your needs. Besides, no one wants something that is not easy to transport. Portable charcoal grills are great for camping, beach parties, traveling and tailgating. If you are on the market for one, we have a few ideas we are sure you’d love to check out.

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What to look for in the best charcoal grill

To help you find the best model that suits your specific needs, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:


The size of your grill should be based on the serving portions you’ll need. Generally, a 300-sq inch surface is enough for preparing food for at least 4 people. When looking at the size, remember you want something portable that is easy to carry around.


Look at whether it is easy to store. When shopping around, look for compact models that are easy to pack. Some of the best portable charcoal grills come with removable legs and handle so they are easier to pack up and move.


This should also be a smooth process. Some people prefer round models because according to them, these models are easier to clean than the rectangular ones. However, when it comes to cleaning, you might want to check the depth of the charcoal bin, the presence of the charcoal drawer and the weight.


You may be looking for something small and portable but do not overlook some of the most important features of the best portable charcoal grill. Your preferred model should have vents or dampers for the best cooking results. Besides, don’t forget to look at the sturdiness of both the legs and the handles when choosing a specific model.


Just because you are shopping for a portable unit doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a weakly-made grill. Look at the material used to make your preferred grill because it is the only thing that may help determine whether it will last for long or not.

Cooking Grates

How well can the cooking grates hold food? How well can they allow the addition of charcoal or rest on the grill? Are they easy to clean and can the height adjust? These are questions you need to have in mind when shopping around.

10. Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

10. Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

  • By: Weber
  • Price: $54.99
  • Rating: 1,306 Reviews
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This is a perfect choice for you if you want to bring the sweetness of home wherever you are. It is uniquely designed to make it a great companion for tailgating and camping. The Weber 121020 charcoal grill is a compact grill unit that boasts an amazingly large grilling area. In fact, it is designed to fit four standard steaks. It features pivoting legs which allow you to lock the lid in place.

Equally, it is lightweight and you can easily carry it around by one hand. Also, it includes lid hangers which allow you to rest the lid on the side thereby creating a wind barrier for efficient cooking. The grate is very easy to clean as it features triple nickel coated steel. In addition, the lid features a porcelain-enamel coating for easy cleaning and durability.

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9. GoBQ Portable Charcoal Grill

9. GoBQ Portable Charcoal Grill

  • By: GoBQ
  • Price: $149.95
  • Rating: 14 Reviews
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While spending days away from home seems fun, having a portable charcoal grill allows you to enjoy a lot. The GoBQ Portable Charcoal Grill is among the best interns of ease of use, portability, and durability. It is made of silicone coated fiberglass material which is flameproof.

It features a unique design whereby it folds down to its own lid for easy backpacking. Once unbuckled, it opens up to reveal grate and base. It is pretty easy to use because you only need to open the lid, add some charcoal to the steel basket and fire. Grate placing requires you to remove the roll up the grate, position on the base then you’re ready to start grilling. The high clearance lid ensures that the heat and smoky goodness is maintained. It is incredibly lightweight as it weighs only 9 lbs. amazingly, this device cools down quickly.

8. AGM BBQ Charcoal Grill

8. AGM BBQ Charcoal Grill

  • By: AGM
  • Price: $35.60
  • Rating: 130 Reviews
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This is one of the best BBQ grills that allow you to get together with families and friends and enjoy a unique romance of outdoor smoker cooking. It features a reasonable design which is easy to assemble and use. The mesh-free ash catcher allows you to easily clean the mess after cooking. It cooks uniformly as it features five vents on both sides. This allows the charcoal to burn efficiently and the cooking process becomes efficient too.

It folds down with ease and to a compact design for easy storage and portability. So, it saves your kitchen spaces as well as trunk space. The legs are retractable and fold easily to make this grill compact for storage purpose. It is forged from premium steel which makes it scratch resistant, easy to clean and elegant addition to any space.

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7. Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman's Grill

7. Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill

  • By: Lodge
  • Price: No products found.No products found.
  • Rating: No products found.No products found.
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The Lodge Sportsman’s   BBQ grill features hibachi-style. It is perfect for picnics, camping, tailgating and more. It features a draft door which is responsible for heat regulation. Well, the coal is accessible from behind a flip down door. In addition, the grill offers two adjustable heights.

Besides, Lodge seasons the cookware with vegetable oil. Therefore, there are no chemicals or coatings.  So, the more you cook, the better the seasoning will get. All cast iron construction makes this cookware perfect tool for an excellent sear. The thick-walled design enhances outstanding heat retention. This ensures that the device makes most out of limited charcoal fuel.

In addition, its versatile design makes the tool well adapted to excel in the ball game, backyard, and backwoods. Combined with American craftsmanship, this cookware is designed to serve you for many years and on all seasons. Besides, the iron material makes it pretty easy to clean this equipment. In fact, you can use a mild soap or you simply don’t use anything other than water.

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6. ISUMER Charcoal Barbecue Grill

6. ISUMER Charcoal Barbecue Grill

  • By: ISUMER
  • Price: $24.99
  • Rating: 193 Reviews
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This is one f the classic examples of portable charcoal grills. It features detachable legs for easy storage and transportability. So, it is a great choice for backpacking, tailgating, picnics, and parks. Also, its compact design means that it is ideal for grilling in tight spaces. It is designed to offer a long time service. Well, it features a sturdy and durable stainless steel construction. With this engineering, this grill is able to tolerate frequent uses and exposure to outdoor weather.

Likewise, it is easy to set up and collapse.  The stainless steel grill surfaces allow hassle-free cleaning experience. It features four adjustable legs with rubber end caps. So, it offers perfect balance on all types of floors. And, it is still applicable on uneven surfaces. The adjustable height means that anyone can grill without straining their back.

5. Uten Barbecue Charcoal Grill

5. Uten Barbecue Charcoal Grill

  • By: Uten
  • Price: Price not available
  • Rating: 85 Reviews
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When searching for the best BBQ grill, many people seem to favor charcoal grills. The Uten BBQ charcoal grill is a classic option you will find on the market. It features an interestingly rare hybrid design. The design offers one side as a griddle and the other as a grill. You, therefore, need to choose the sides carefully for the best outcome.

Also, it features strong and removable legs and is therefore highly portable. The dual vent design allows precise air flow regulation for a smooth burning process. This allows a better cooking taste for your ingredients.

What’s more, this charcoal grill features two baskets on both sides for placing your seasonings. You can as well place utensils and other tools necessary for an incredible BBQ. It is strong and stable even when you’re grilling out in the fields. Well, this one requires a bit of installation work compared to propane one but delivers smooth cooking process and amazing tastes.

4. Char-Griller E22424 Table Top Charcoal Grill

4. Char-Griller E22424 Table Top Charcoal Grill

  • By: Char-Griller
  • Price: $129.99
  • Rating: 1,093 Reviews
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Are you ready to enjoy a revamped BBQ? The Char-Griller E22424 Tabletop Grill represents an offset for Texas-style smoking. It features a removable ash pan for hassle-free cleaning once you’re done the cooking. It is designed to offer two grilling styles. You can either use it as a table top grill or the horizontal Texas style smoker.

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It goes further to feature a versatile design that fits the Chargriller Pro Deluxe, Outlaw, and Wrangler and as a side firebox. It is robust and durable as it is forged from heavy-duty steel while the cooking grates feature cast iron. It also features a sliding drawer for easy access to coals and ashes.

3. Kuuma Premium Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill

3. Kuuma Premium Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill

  • By: Kuuma
  • Price: $143.85
  • Rating: 20 Reviews
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Forged from 300 series marine grade steel, this is no doubt one of the most durable charcoal grills. As most parties tend to better when held at the beach, the Kuuma charcoal grill is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. In fact, you can use it on boats. It is versatile grill equipment perfect for RV recreation, tailgating, picnics, deck or patio grilling.

Amazingly, it comes fully assembled and offers 160 square inches of grilling area. Well, it is highly portable as it features integrated fold away legs to allow easy grilling on a flat surface. It is also great as it features a removable liner, stay cool handle and latching lid. It is perfectly designed for your boat, RV and home.

2. Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Kay Home Hibachi Charcoal Grill

2. Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Kay Home Hibachi Charcoal Grill

  • By: Marsh Allen
  • Price: $49.39
  • Rating: 834 Reviews
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Grilling has become part and parcel of modern parties. Soon or later you’ll be looking for the best portable charcoal grill. You will have a lot to enjoy if you choose the Marsh Allen Kay Home Hibachi charcoal grill. It features three position cooking grids. So, it can handle different recipes easily and efficiently. Besides, it offers 157 square inches cooking grilling surface.

Consequently, you will have your food ready in one batch. It comes with wooden grid handles for safe adjustments. Also, it has two adjustable air vents. So, it is easy to control the amount of air entering the grill. By doing so, you can control the rate at which charcoal burns depending on the needs of various dishes.

1.    Cuisinart CCG-190RB Portable Charcoal Grill, 14-Inch, Red

1. Cuisinart CCG-190RB Portable Charcoal Grill, 14-Inch, Red

  • By: Cuisinart
  • Price: $29.99
  • Rating: 937 Reviews
Buy from amazon.com

Cuisinart is probably the biggest manufacturer of small kitchen appliances. One of its recent innovations is the Cuisinart CCG-190RB Portable Charcoal Grill. It features 14-inch chrome plated grill surface boasting an area of 150 square inches. This is an incredibly light grill that assembles in minutes. It is designed for grilling a small meal.

However, you can grill three burgers and three hot dogs at the same time. Its compact size makes it ideal for small picnics or camping. The cooking grates feature unique chrome plating. Also, the firebox has an enamel coated design for efficient energy utilization. Also, this device is easy to clean as it features a mesh-free ash catcher. Moreover, it has three secure lid locks for convenient portability.


All the models we have reviewed above are great choices to those who like to travel light. While all these models have different features to meet different needs, they all work perfectly for those who want something lightweight for their next outdoor adventure.

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