Honey is among the most nutritious foods in the world and perhaps the sweetest. Well, aside from this it also comes with numerous health benefits. Most of us prefer buying the refined honey from retail stores, but nothing beats the taste of sweet honey than the one you have extracted yourself.

If you are an experienced beekeeper or just a hobbyist, you probably understand the importance of having the right devices for the job. Thanks to technology, honey extractors help reduce the risks of beekeepers being attacked by bees.

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What are they and how do they work?

This mechanical device is designed to extract honey from the honeycomb without destroying it. The process is simple actually because these devices work by centrifugal force. The frames are placed into baskets inside the drum which spins to fling the honey out without destroying the wax comb. It takes at least an hour for all the honey to flow down into the jars.

Types of honey extractors

Honey extractors come in two different types depending on how the frames are in the basket. While both of them rely on centrifugal force to extract the honey, with tangential extractors, one side of the comb faces outward. To expound further:

Tangential extractors

These extractors are mainly designed for small scale extractions because they have one side of the comb facing upwards. They require more effort and are a bit time consuming because you have to flip it once one side has been emptied to repeat the process. It may be monotonous especially if you use a manual model.

Radial extractors

With these models, the top bar of the frame faces outwards. They are mostly designed for large-scale extractions. You don’t have to turn the frames over during the process therefore minimal work is required. The design of these devices makes them the most efficient way of extracting honey.

Manual or electric?

After thinking about the type of extractor, it is also important to keep in mind their operation types. We have either manual or electric honey extractors. Well, it is easy to understand the differences without giving you any further explanations but we will definitely expand on this.

A manual honey extractor is operated using human force. You have to manually spin the internal frames using the hand crank. These machines can only handle an average of 4 frames plus releasing the honey from the honeycombs can take approximately 15 minutes.

The beauty of these devices is the fact that you don’t have to worry about operating it near a plug socket. It is easy to control the spinning speed by hands therefore when you settle with manual extractors, be sure that the wax combs cannot be damaged. Furthermore, they are great for the budget-conscious beekeeper because their price tags are quite low.

Electric honey extractors, on the other hand, require a power supply to operate. You have to load the frames into the extractor then turn on the power for a successful operation. These models are more expensive than their cousins but on the bright side, they are faster and you don’t have to do the work. These models are great for large commercial companies. Many people also love them because they are super easy to operate.

What are the benefits of buying/having a honey bee extractor?

  • You can safely extract the honey without damaging the hive.
  • It makes the process faster and easier.
  • It helps produce quality honey.
  • Reduces waste.

Which model should I go for?

If you have a maximum of 10 colonies, a good model to buy will be one that fits 3 frames. For the small beekeeper with up to 50 colonies, we recommend buying a motorized honey extractor which is fast and can hold at least 4 deep frames at a time.

Commercial beekeepers with a maximum of 200 colonies can go for a model with a capacity of up to 60 frames. A self-turning extractor with 16 frames can also be a great idea for the commercial beekeeper. For industrial beekeeping where there is a lot of work and a lot of people, an automatic uncapping machine with at least 60 frames can be the best option.

Great Value

VIVO New Large Manual Crank Bee Honey Extractor

VIVO New Large Manual Crank Bee Honey Extractor

  • By: VIVO
  • Item Weight: 20 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 34 x 17 x 17 inches
Buy from amazon.com

Honey is one of the highly valued food products. However, extracting it requires you to have the best honey extractor. This will not only allow you to do it efficiently but will also ensure the final product is of excellent quality. The Vivo large Crank honey extractor is a perfect idea for you. It features a unique construction with steel drum on a two frame structure. This drum is 24 inches tall and 15 inches in diameter to ensure you extract large amounts at the same time. Besides, the gate opening rests about half an inch above the bottom barrel. So, you can get a lot of honey out without tipping it forward. The Plexiglas lid allows you to see the honey as it is being processed inside.

9. Goplus Stainless Steel Honey Extractor Manual Beekeeping Equipment New, Large 4/8 Frame

Goplus Stainless Steel Honey Extractor Manual Beekeeping Equipment New, Large 4/8 Frame

  • By: Goplus
  • Item Weight: 26 Pounds
  • Material: Stainless steel
Buy from amazon.com
Product Highlights
  • Rugged stainless steel design
  • Four frame capacity
  • Durable materials and construction
  • Lightweight, only 26 lbs
  • Simple manual operation

This is a manually operated honey extractor machine that saves you time and labor. It boasts 201 stainless steel material of construction. It is easy to operate, and you wouldn’t require an extra hands aid. With four frame capacity, it can accommodate your small-scale bee farming needs. It can handle 1 to 10 hives without requiring an extra extractor to do the work.

Besides, it is very easy to use as it only requires simple turning of a handle.it is also lightweight for easy handling and portability. This device weighs just 26 lbs hence doesn’t add unnecessary weight. The rugged construction enhances durability so that you wouldn’t need to buy a new extractor every harvesting season. It is built to last a lifetime without requiring regular maintenances.

VIVO Electric Four 4-Frames Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

  • By: VIVO
  • Item Weight: 45 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 20 x 20 inches
Buy from amazon.com

There is no doubt that VIVO is a great maker of honey extractors. With this four-frame model, you can now extract a lot of honey without any hassles. It features a rust-free steel drum on a four frame honey extractor. The drum measures 18.5″ in diameter and 23.75″ tall. Just like the other top-rated model, this also features gate opening resting a mere half inch from the bottom barrel. This eases the process of extraction in that you would need to tip the extractor forward to get honey out. In addition, it features a clear lid so that you can watch the honey spin and know when it is ready.

Goplus Manual 2 Frame Honey Extractor

Goplus Manual 2 Frame Honey Extractor

  • By: Goplus
  • Item Weight: 22 pounds
Buy from amazon.com

Goplus is a great maker of instruments that we use on day-to-day activities. So, the Goplus two frame honey extractor is also a remarkable device to help you extract honey without any hassles. It boasts high-quality stainless steel which is durable, solid, smooth and elegant. Its large capacity is also worth some praises. This device is designed to fit shallow, medium as well as deep frames. Due to this clever design, it will not only save your time but a lot of hassles. You’ll also like the clear plastic cover of this equipment. The other unique aspect is the rotating handle which has a spring clutch. Thus, it can crank the gears and won’t spin upon being released.

VINGLI Upgraded 4-Frame Honey Extractor

VINGLI Upgraded 4-Frame Honey Extractor

  • By: VINGLI
  • Item Weight: 14 pounds
Buy from amazon.com

Apart from the robust construction, this honey extractor boasts food grade stainless steel. Also, it features a special design with adjustable height settings. So, you can work with the height that’s comfortable for you. Also, a five-gallon bucket can comfortably fit underneath the extractor. You will also love the versatile installation of this machine. Well, the legs can be bolted on the floor or can be removed for tabletop use. The solid metal crank turns four baskets inside so that you can extract a lot of honey. This tells you that this extractor is suited for both household and commercial settings.

BestEquip Manual Honey Extractor

BestEquip Manual Honey Extractor

  • By: BestEquip
  • Item Weight: 33.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 35 x 16 x 16 inches
Buy from amazon.com

Are you looking for the best honey extractor?  You will adore the premium construction of the BestEquip honey extractor. It features food grade stainless steel with seamless welding. Thus, it is safe, durable, elegant and highly efficient. It features a large stainless steel drum measuring 24 inches high and 15 inches in diameter. It also features a high rotating speed as it uses a high precision bearing. Besides, the bottom inside of the drum is conical shaped to ensure easy drain of the honey. You will also love the two clear Plexiglas lids which keep debris off and allow clear viewing of the extraction process.

7. VIVO Stainless Steel Bee Honey Extractor SS Honeycomb Drum, Four 4 to Eight 8 Frame

VIVO Stainless Steel Bee Honey Extractor SS Honeycomb Drum, Four 4 to Eight 8 Frame

  • By: VIVO
  • Material: Stainless Steel
Buy from amazon.com
Product Highlights
  • Four frames design
  • Durable engineering featuring stainless steel construction
  • Two inches honey outlets and conically shaped inside
  • Clear Plexiglas top for clear viewing of contents
  • Built-in leg stand for stability and easy emptying of contaminants

Vivo stainless steel bee honey extractors seem to rule the current market. With this particular model, it is specifically designed to give you convenience after harvesting your honey. In actual sense, it is designed to give small-scale bee farmer an easy time while preparing honey for packaging. Getting it from the real raw source can be quite a challenging task without a reliable device such as this one. Now it has remarkable length and diameter so that it can support about four frames and eight small frames.

Choosing stainless steel is a brilliant idea if you want durability and healthy way of handling your honey. It is a food grade tested material that is compatible with the honey ingredients. It features an ergonomic handle with a red plastic coating to enhance comfort and bring a sense of beauty. It is a manual based model which is easy to use and control the extraction energy. Besides, it is incredibly durable, and repair is a breeze.

Honey Keeper Pro 2-Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

Honey Keeper Pro 2-Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

  • By: Honey Keeper
  • Item Weight: 26.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 29.4 x 17.4 x 17.1 inches
Buy from amazon.com

This is a two frame honey extractor suitable for a beekeeper with up to 10 hives. It features heavy grade stainless steel construction. It is easy to use farm equipment that can handle two standard deep, medium and shallow frames. It features stainless steel legs which can be bolted on the floor r removed for on the table use. It is easy to use and is designed so that a 5-gallon bucket fits underneath it for easy draining. Also, this honey extraction unit boasts clear plastic lids for easy viewing. In addition, its mechanism features steel gears and sealed bearings that make spinning almost effortless.

1. Goodland Bee Supply two Frame Honey Extractor

Goodland Bee Supply two Frame Honey Extractor

  • By: Goodland Bee Supply®
  • Item Weight: 33.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 34.3 x 16.7 x 13.7 inches
Buy from amazon.com
Product Highlights
  • Double sieve design
  • Fits 5 gallon bucket
  • 16 gauge stainless steel tank
  • 1000 / 500-micron filtering ability
  • Food grade stainless steel construction

Honey is nutritious, but healthier when extracted using the right device. Goodland honey bee extractor is a top rated device that ensures you get the right quality of the honey. It features an innovative designed that encompasses three tools. These include an extractor, double sieve, and an uncapping roller.

The double sieve includes top and bottom mesh with 500 and 1000 microns sieving capability respectively. The design is made to fit a 5-gallon bucket perfectly. The design features two frame design which has an ideal capacity to handle bee farmer with 1 to 10 hives. The tank is sturdy and boasts 16 gauge construction with sealed bearings and steel gears for professional extraction and durability purpose. Also, the kit includes a three leg stand which makes the extraction process hassle-free.

Besides, if you only have a small amount of honeycomb or rather your knife missed certain parts, the uncapping roller can enhance the job perfectly. Also, it has a smooth handle on a comfortable work. Equally, the stainless steel metal bristles enhance durability. Moreover, the whole thing is made of food grade stainless steel material which is durable and keeps the honey clean and healthy.

Hardin Professional 3-Frame Manual Honey Extractor

Hardin Professional 3-Frame Manual Honey Extractor

  • By: Hardin
  • Item Weight: 26 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 45 x 24 inches
Buy from amazon.com

There are countless benefits that make this honey extractor a must have for any farmer with1 to 10 hives. It features a heavy duty and food grade stainless steel tank. Also, it uses sealed bearings and steel gear making it a professional honey extractor. It features a three frame design and posses clear Plexiglas lids for easy monitoring. The deep, medium and shallow frames can be extracted all at once. It also includes a three leg stand which eases the process of offloading the honey. Due to the stainless steel construction, it is pretty easy to clean this facility using warm water and soap only.

BestEquip Electric Honey Extractor 3-Frame Bee Extractor

BestEquip Electric Honey Extractor 3-Frame Bee Extractor

  • By: BestEquip
  • Item Weight: 45.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 34 x 15 x 15 inches
Buy from amazon.com

This is a perfect selection for you since it is compatible with all levels of beekeeping. It is among the best Electric Honey Extractor from BestEquip. It boasts premium stainless steel construction and is machine rolled with seamless welding. It uses a powerful 120-watt motor with 1300 rotation per minutes. And, the motor has variable speed options. It comes with two clear Perspex lids so that you can observe the extraction process easily. The exterior part features a beautiful decoration of polished stainless steel finish. Moreover, the bottom features a cone shape and 2-inch honey gate for incredibly efficient honey drainage.

3. Hardin Professional Manual Honey Extractor, 2 Frame

Hardin Professional Manual Honey Extractor, 2 Frame

  • By: Hardin
  • Item Weight: 18.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 45 x 24 inches
Buy from amazon.com
Product Highlights
  • 16 gauge stainless steel casing
  • Stainless steel gear design with sealed bearings
  • Crystal clear Plexiglas glass top
  • Leg stand included

Hardin manual honey is extractor is professionally designed to enhance simplicity and healthy handling of honey. It is designed to the right size that can manage 1 to 10 hives. That’s typically a small scale bee farmer who produces quite a lot of honey and wants to get the right quality and refinement.

The tanks are 16 gauge offering a lot of durability and heat protection. The stainless steel construction enhances easy cleaning and is food grade to ensure that you are eating or selling the best quality of honey. For convenient use that allows easy draining, it features a leg stand which is easily removable.

For easy monitoring of extraction process, there is a clear top glass that allows you to see the contents and the stages of extraction easily. The gear design features stainless steel construction, and the bearings are sealed. Moreover, the stainless steel finish is simple to clean as you would only require some warm water and soap.

Happybuy Electric Honey Extractor

Happybuy Electric Honey Extractor

  • By: Happybuy
  • Item Weight: 37.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 24 inches
Buy from amazon.com

This is surely a happy buy for any serious bee farmer. This honey extractor features a three frame design with 120 watts motor which also offers variable speed options. The drum size is 24 inches in height and 15 inches in diameter. The outlet size is two inches and the inside of the bottom is conical shaped to allow efficient drainage. With two clear perplex lids; observation of the extraction process is a breeze. Further, this extractor adopts a fully enclosed transmission box. So, it possesses an environmentally friendly design that makes transmission easy and hygienic. Besides, the stainless steel construction means that this facility is rust proof and corrosive resistant.

Our Pick

Goodland Bee Supply HE2MOT 2 Frame Honey Extractor

Goodland Bee Supply HE2MOT 2 Frame Honey Extractor

  • Item Weight: 37 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 34 inches
Buy from amazon.com

The GoodLand Bee Supply Honey extractor is an inevitable option for anyone shopping for the best honey extractor. It is an ideal option for anyone rearing 1 to 10 hives. It features 16 gauge stainless steel constructions. So, it is durable and perfect for food grade storage. Also, it boasts stainless steel gear and sealed bearing which makes the honey extraction process close to effortless. To ensure effortless extraction, it uses a powerful 110V motor with variable speed options. The clear Plexiglas keeps debris away while allowing hassle-free observation of the ongoing extraction process. Amazingly, this is one of the affordable models of honey extractors available.

Buying guide

Before choosing the best honey extractor, here are some of the most important things to have in mind when shopping around.

Power source

Do you want a manual or electric model? This is a very important factor to consider when shopping around. As we have explained above, both these models have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Manual models are actually cheaper than electric ones so if the price is an important factor for you, we recommend you consider buying one that is within your budget. If you are a hobbyist, we also recommend you go for a manual model because there is no need for spending a lot of money on something that you might not be using frequently.


Another important consideration is the material used to design the honey extractor. Top quality machines on the market are made of durable stainless steel. You can also choose between plastic and metal if the stainless steel isn’t an option for you. While plastic is more affordable, we would only recommend them for the hobbyist. Metal is also a good option but our all-time favorite material is stainless steel. They are really dependable and when it comes to longevity, they take the top rank.


As we have mentioned above, choosing the capacity of a device depends greatly on the type of beekeeper you are. To put it all in summary, manual honey extractors can hold up to 4 frames so they are ideal for the hobbyist. Models with a capacity of up to 60 frames are great choices for commercial beekeepers especially if it is a radical extractor.


Again, this also depends on the type of beekeeper you are. A small-sized model is ideal for those who have a couple of hives. There are actually two common sizes which are 6/9 and 10/20. The 6/9 extractors hold 6 frames radically and 3 tangentially while 10/20 holds 10 frames radically and 20 tangentially.

Bottom Shape

You have the flexibility to choose between models with a spherical bottom or one with a conical shape. Most models are however shaped spherical but for maximum extraction, you can settle for those with conical bottoms.


We have discussed the radical honey extractors and the tangential models in depth above. This is also an important consideration when looking for the best model for your needs. As mentioned earlier, both of them have their share of pros and cons as well. Remember that radical extractors are faster than the tangential ones so if time is an important factor to you, then you already know which one to consider.


How much are you willing to spend on the best honey extractor? Well, high-end models will cost you a lot of money up front but when it comes to saving you time and money in the future, they are worth the investment. If you are a hobbyist, however, we may not recommend you go for a high-end model because you may not use it frequently.

Cleaning and maintenance

These units are valuable pieces of equipment so you understand how important it is to clean and maintain them frequently. Before using your honey extractor again, you need to clean it.

First things first though, close the honey gate then tilt the extractor at an angle so that the remaining honey can flow towards the honey gate. Open the gate and collect the remaining honey in a bottle.

Close the gate again and fill it with cool water then leave it overnight to soak. Empty it the following day then rinse it with cool water. Using a clean kitchen towel, dry the unit before keeping it away. In a safe place.

Important tips to remember: maintenance 101

  • Always clean the extractor before and after every use.
  • Do not oil or grease the gearbox shaft.
  • Always protect the bearing and gearbox so that they do not come into contact with water when cleaning.
  • Keep the honey gate in good condition at all times.

Final words

Depending on your needs and skill level, it is now time to choose the best honey extractor. Because we understand that people have different requirements from the best model and that beekeepers have different skill levels and budgets, we made sure to include products that cater to everyone’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a pocket-friendly model, or just want something for your small hobby, there is a lot to take home from this article.

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