Extended sitting is today linked with the onset of health complications like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and even diabetes.

Standing desks are the perfect solutions to the adverse health effects linked to sedentary office place lifestyles. These workstations play an integral role in addressing issues such as neck and spine problems that currently afflict countless of people who spend their days sitting at work.

Working while standing confers additional benefits, and these include, making the users become more productive and inspired to carry on their daily affairs. Order any of the following 9 best standing desk converters in 2020, and by so doing, you’ll be investing in the health and wellness of not only yourself but of your staff as well.

10. The VIVO Black Height Adjustable Stand up Desk

9. The VIVO Black Height Adjustable Stand up Desk

  • By: VIVO
  • Item Weight: 43.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 39.2 x 25.8 x 8.8 inches
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Everyone’s trusted affordable and quality ergonomic office space solutions; VIVO brings you the VIVO black height-adjustable workstation that’s specifically designed to transform your everyday workplace experience.

This top deck is capable of transforming from the standing to the sitting positions in the flash of an eye. All you, as the user needs are to press a few knobs and the equipment smoothly moves and adjusts to your desired and preferred height. This quality office furniture comes with an impressive height adjustment range of from 6.5 inches to a whopping 17 inches.

The incredibly spacious office equipment that features an advanced height locking mechanism is remarkably spacious. The user gets to work and organize their workspaces over a top surface measuring 36 inches by 22 inches. That’s more than enough office space you’ll ever require to place your computer monitors, laptops, cellphones, a few files, and other essential workplace accessories.

Product Dimensions

The equipment also features an equally-spacious lower deck capable of comfortably holding all your CPUs, printers and media racks. The lower deck has a height of 2.5 inches, and its height is 10.5 inches.

VIVO has an enticing 3-year full warranty plan for all customers who purchase this sturdy and user-friendly stand-up desk. It’s quite easy for virtually anyone, regardless of their technical skills, to assemble this magical workstation at home or the office.

Buyers are reminded of the need and importance to first carefully go over the user manual that comes attached to this health and wellness-promoting product from VIVO. Alternatively, these buyers can easily reach out to VIVOs online support and customer care team for more assistance.

9. The VIVO Top Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

8. The VIVO Top Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

  • By: VIVO
  • Item Weight: 27 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 34.3 x 24.3 x 3.4 inches
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VIVO has yet another stylish, study, and affordable office desk converter, which is ideal for the health-conscious worker. This ultra-slim stand up desk is cheap despite having one of the most attractive office furniture there is out there.

Product Description

The adjustable workstation features an intuitive ad innovative height adjustment system capable of adjusting the equipment from a range of one to fifteen inches. The sturdy yet incredibly stylish standing desk converter comes with a top panel surface measuring 32 inches by 21.3 inches. That space gives you ample playground to set up your laptops, monitors and other essential office components meant to facilitate the overall working experience.

The desk is designed using a unique and trademark patented lift system that allows the stand-up desk to adjust as per the user’s desired specifications. The workstation is capable of adjusting to your desired working heights without losing its stability or comfort.

Easy Assembly

This remarkably sturdy all-utility office is a quality and friendly tech that only takes you a few minutes, at most, to take out of the box and assemble. Apart from coming in with a zero assembly, the product also has a complete 3-year manufacturer warranty policy for the buyers.

Bottom Line

This VIVO product is sure to win extension apparel for your workspace. The equipment features an extremely sturdy steel frame capable of comfortably supporting a whopping 22 pounds. The black finished top surface only serves to complement the incredibly stylish demeanor of the desk.

8. UNICOO’s Crank Adjustable Home & Office Stand Up Desk

7. UNICOO’s Crank Adjustable Home & Office Stand Up Desk

  • By: UNICOO
  • Item Weight: 51 pounds
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Product Description

The UNICOO portable home office table comes with an intuitive smooth crank adjustment that allows the desk to adjust from 29.5 inches to 45.2 inches. Its top surface has the following dimensions: a width of 23.6 inches and a height of 47.3 inches. The top surface is made using high-quality MDF panels that are scratch-resistant.

Stylish Look

Users can install a pull-out crank on either side of the ergonomic workstation. The frame is designed using high-grade and remarkably durable steel, and that makes this office desk to be incredibly long-lasting. The powder coat finishing makes this particular workstation to be rustproof while also giving it a stylish look. It’s scratch-proof, as well.


The portable workstation enhances the user’s focus, optimizes their cognition skills, and it also ups the overall productivity. Go for this workstation if you’ve ever experienced neck and spine problems as you worked. This height-adjustable crank desk is perfect for giving a healthy sitting posture.

7. UNICOO Crank Adjustable Stand Up Desk

6. Dkeli Adjustable Stand Up Desk Gas Spring Riser Converter Sit to Stand

  • By: Dkeli
  • Item Weight: 23.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 32.7 x 20.7 x 16.3 inches
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Product Description

This adjustable stand-up desk has a stylish top surface that’s made of MDF. The MDF plane measures 23.6 by 47.3 inches. This laminated surface is designed to be scratch resistant.

Adjustable Height

The UNICOO adjustable height office desk is a long-lasting setup ideal for healthy working experience. This desk comes with a smooth crank adjustment feature with a range of 29.5 inches to 45.2 inches.

Sturdy Height

The desk has a strengthened steel frame with a powdered coating. The steel frame also adds the aesthetic value of the product.

Using this chair is linked to heightened workplace productivity. The product is known to reduce neck and back pain issues for workers who spend their days sitting behind computer desks. Get this tool, and you’ll optimize your cognitive skills, and your focus will always be 100% while at the office.

6. The 32-inch BestMassage Standing Desk Converter

5. The 32-inch BestMassage Standing Desk Converter

  • By: BestMassage
  • Item Weight: 23.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 31.7 x 20.7 x 16.5 inches
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Product Description

This multifunctional standing desk converter has a working surface measuring 36 inches by 20.5 inches. It’s designed to enhance the working experience while concurrently safeguarding you from medical conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Seamless Height Adjustment

The workstation is easily adjustable to heights of 6.5 inches to 16.5 inches. The ergonomic desk has an ample space capable of holding your laptops and computer monitors. The office furniture has a double gas lift that allows a seamless height control. You press the handle to shift the position of the workstation.

Quick Assembly

You’ll not waste your time with the assembly of the workstation. The instructions are clear-cut, and it only takes a couple of minutes to put up the set-up. The health-promoting stand-up desk is incredibly environmentally friendly, and as such, you’ll leave a minimal carbon imprint. Users can easily remove the keyboard to create more working room.

5. The SHW Adjustable Stand Desk Converter

4. The SHW Adjustable Stand Desk Converter

  • By: SHW
  • Item Weight: 32.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 4 x 22 inches
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Product Description

This is a black workstation that features an incredibly sturdy and stable structure. The desk promotes your health and ups your office productivity. The desk is built to hold weights of up to 30 pounds. Its top panel has a width of 31.5” and a depth of 22”. Its depth is around 4 inches.

Quick Assembly

You don’t require calling over a technician to assist with the product assembly. You only require a screwdriver to fix the product and get it working. In case you experience any difficulties assembling the furniture, you can call the customer care team, and they’ll respond right away. Additionally, the product comes with an unlimited warranty.

Improve Your Productivity

Customers of the workstation don’t feel fatigued even after working for extended durations. That serves to enhance the users’ productivity. What’s more, you’ll find yourself collaborating better with your colleagues with this workstation around. The furniture has industrial-grade steel legs, and that makes the product to be long-lasting and stylish as well.


Add this impressive office furniture to your workspace, and you’ll never tire from sitting all day at the job. With this particular workstation, you have a stylish space to set up all your monitors, cell phones, CPUs among other office personal effects. The most important part, however, is that you, as the customer, get to walk away with a top-notch product that will not only leave you reinvigorated and productive as you work but an item that also works wonders on your musculoskeletal system and overall health and wellness for that matter.

4. The FLEXISPOT M3B 47” Stand-up Workstation by FLEXISPOT

3. The FLEXISPOT M3B 47” Stand-up Workstation by FLEXISPOT

  • Item Weight: 66 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 50.5 x 26.2 x 8.7 inches
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This comprehensive platform stands up adjustable height desk is the perfect solution to all your work-related health and wellness concerns. This amazingly cheap product is capable of adjusting and transforming to meet the exact height specifications that you desire as you work all day and night.

Product Description

This is an ultra-spacious contraption that comes with a generous 47 inches top panel. This panel is capable of supporting two large-sized monitors with a width of up to 27 inches.

Smooth Adjustment

The smooth, easy adjustment feature on this therapeutic workstation makes it incredibly easy to both raise and lower the height of the essential work furniture. Moving and adjusting the levers and gears of this quality and functional workstation is as smooth and hassle-free as pressing a simple button.

One of the features that make this particular workstation to stand out is the quick release keyboard tray. This spacious desk will help you to keep spine and back problems out of your life, permanently.

3. VIVO Height Adjustable Workstation with Gas Spring Riser Converter

2. VIVO Height Adjustable Workstation with Gas Spring Riser Converter

  • By: VIVO
  • Item Weight: 52 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 40.9 x 25.1 x 9.5 inches
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The VIVO desk V00B comes with a stylish 36-inch tabletop. This affordable equipment is specifically designed to transform your working experience. The desk allows you to stand or sit on demand. The black workstation quickly transitions from one position to the other thanks to the advanced gears and leveler systems.

Product Description

This quality office furniture is remarkably durable as a result of the industrial-grade steel frame it bears. That sturdy space will comfortably support a weight of 37.5 lbs. The desk is capable of adjusting to a range of 6.5” to 16”. The equipment is a standard working desk measuring 36” by 22 inches. That space is more than sufficient for you to place all your monitors, laptops and keyboards.

Minimal Assembling Time

The adjustable-height furniture doesn’t require you to have technical skills to assemble it. The desk requires minimal assembly from the shipping box. Buy this impressive desk and receive a 3-year limited warranty. For queries about how to assemble the equipment, you should reach out to the online tech support team.

2. VIVO Black Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

1. VIVO Black Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

  • By: VIVO
  • Item Weight: 30.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 35.1 x 19.6 x 7.4 inches
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This sit-stand office desk converter by everyone’s favorite manufacturer is must-have apparel if you want to boost your productivity. The health-promoting desk features an ergonomic design that allows its quick transition from a sitting to a stand-up position.

Product Description

The tabletop has a simple touch height locking mechanism that adjusts the table from 10.5” to 19.7”. The surface measures a comfortable 31.5 inches by 15.7,” and that ensure that you can place two monitors, a laptop and other vital office effects. Interestingly, this desk has a top and lower deck. The lower deck is where you get to place your mouse, keyboard, and cellphones.

Sturdy yet Stylish

The high-grade steel will ensure that your product has an extended lifetime. The panels are scratch-resistant and coated with black powdered finishing for added beauty.

This workstation is not only comfortable for you to work on; it’s also a neat productivity tool that will keep you energized as you labor away for extended durations at your work. Order it today, and you’ll most certainly receive a full warranty plan in case there are any issues with the equipment later on.

This is an excellent dual-monitor workstation with a keyboard tray among other impressive features. This product is designed by a leading office furniture manufacturer, and it comes with a tablet and phone holder.

Product Description

The desk has a wide dual monitor riser large desk measuring 35.4’’ by 23.2’’. This top-selling monitor is capable of seamlessly adjusting from 6.2’’ to 19.1’’. The product has met and satisfied quality assurance standards, and that’s the reason it has a compliance vindication from the BIFMA X5.5 and ANSI.

The robust nature of this workstation lies in its steel frame. The frame allows for an even distribution of the weight. The workstation holds weights of up to 33 pounds without even bulging.

This affordable product has a remarkably intuitive, fluid height adjustment feature. The desk can be adjusted to unlimited heights ranging from 6 inches to 16.3 inches.

The top surface is designed to be spacious enough to comfortably hold 2 monitors and any other essential office supplies like mugs, folders and even your notebooks.

The sturdy product has a small storage tray on its top MDF, where you can place your cell phones, pencils, sticky notes, and many more essential personal effects. The standing desk also comprises a removable keyboard.

Easy Assembly

There’s a slot on the table where you can stash your tablets and mobile phones. The quality workstation is very easily assembled as you only need to unpack it and start working.

Final Thoughts

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up with the sedentary lifestyles that arise from extended sitting at the office. Get yourself one of these ergonomic workstations, and you’ll be astonished at how fast your productivity peaks afterward. Insist on acquiring products from trusted and reputed office furniture manufacturers to get the maximum benefits.

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