Let’s get started. A hoverboard is a portable, rechargeable and battery operated scooter. The self-balancing vehicle is two-wheeled and popularly used for personal movements mostly for fun. Some call it an electric skateboard, self-balancing electric scooter, or hands-free Segway with no handles. Let me explain. The rider stands on the footrest of the hoverboard to run this vehicle. He uses his body to make a reasonable control of the hoverboard movement.

The hoverboard consists of two rubber wheels fitted on both sides. As if that is not enough, there are two small platforms on the upper side between the wheels where the rider stands. However, to control the hoverboard, the rider places his feet to stand on the pre-installed gyroscopic sensored pads.


Here is a scary part. Many used to enjoy their ride until they started showing a deficiency in operation. Users began to complain about batteries which were frequently short-circuiting. Early this year alone, the hoverboard challenges got out of hand prompting the Consumer Product Safety Commission of United States (CPSC) to announce an official recall of the Hoverboards.

Consequently, the recall implied that over half a million hoverboard was to undergo a correction before getting back to the market. The recall affected 15 different models from the key eight manufacturers. Besides, the recall brought about estimated property damage of a whopping $ 2 million. The producers had to comply with the required safety standards before releasing them for use.

Hoverboard market

Here is the secret. The demand for the hoverboard is becoming increasingly high. The hoverboard has become popular, especially in recreational centers, personal mobility, and they are extending their influence across the globe. The cool thing is that the rising youngster is using the scooters for sport and fun, making the demand to rise among their category. The rapid urbanization and increasing preference of electronic devices among kids fuels the growth of hoverboard market. North America is currently leading in the hoverboard market, followed by Europe and Asia.

Types of Hoverboards

There are different types of hoverboards, each with its unique features and quality. For one to make the right decision when buying a hoverboard, look for the following unique features:

  • Size
  • Categories
  • Additional features
  • Popularity

Two-wheeled Scooters

These hoverboards have two wheels with high technology to allow self-balancing. As if that is not enough, the user will not hold on to the handle. Earlier models had safety challenges that made them dangerous to the users. They had battery failures, therefore, could not operate for more extended periods. Besides, when the battery fails, the inside technology will cease functioning. Recently, there has been a significant advancement in this technology, making them a fantastic option for consumers.

One-Wheeled Hoverboard

This type of hoverboard has one wheel making the users feel like they are snowboarding. What’s more­­­, it rolls and moves side to side rather than forwards and backwards. This product is easy to control because it decelerates and accelerates quickly. All depends on how the rider is leaning. It has an average speed of 15 mph when correctly used. The hoverboard can travel up to eight miles on a single charge and recharging period takes half an hour. They are famous to any thrill-seeker.

Real Hoverboards

Its technology is under testing. What to know more about this pilot project? The hoverboard uses electronic, magnetic repulsion to lift and off the ground and also to propel through the air. It gets better with another version of this hoverboard using jet fuel for travel. The downside of the real hoverboard is they are costly. When the technology improves, prices are likely to decrease, allowing more consumers to afford. There are safety concerns that come with the real hoverboard, especially when moving at a speed of 100mph in the air.

Features to consider when buying a hoverboard

  • Look for ones that have a longboard so that you can comfortably place both feet
  • Select the ones installed with LED lights to light up at night and indicates the amount of battery left before recharging.
  • Presence of speakers for the rider to enjoy music while operating.

Brands of Hoverboards

There exist various hoverboard brands that are present in the market for different categories of people. Let’s discuss the three major ones.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor is a brand of a hoverboard that comes from the original patent proposal of Shane gen. Razor developed it after acquiring the patent rights. The vehicle has a sleek and elegant curve that makes look quick and agile in comparison with other models. The Hovertax 2.0 has a self-balancing capability to enable it to align and balance itself immediately you put it on. How can you beat that?  When you step on it and start riding, it provides a new balance. There is an edge-to-edge anti-slip traction pad on each platform to boost your full control of the hoverboard.

A shatter-resistant frame prevents breaking even with the slightest slashes, eliminating exposed jagged parts sticking around for another accident. We are not through yet, the hoverboard comes with the training mode making it beginner-friendly. The rider can learn how to operate it efficiently since the mode relaxes the response time. The vehicle is suitable for kids and newcomers. The board includes LED lighting for illumination when you are using it during dark hours. Its light is reliable and also indicates to other road users of your presence.

  • Certification: The Hovertrax 2.0 meets the standards of UL2272; therefore, the battery won’t blow or catch fire. It has a removable battery without taking the entire device apart. Such a feature is useful when travelling in an area that is out of Hovertrax’s range. Picture this, the Hovertrax has motors that have dual power modes for cruising, training mode and peak power. The maximum output of the motor is 350w, translating to a speed of 8 miles per hour. It may not be the fastest speed but of course decent enough to enjoy the board. Meanwhile, for 8 miles, it can comfortably take you 60 minutes to achieve.
  • Performance: Do you want to know the hoverboard carrying capacity? The hoverboard weight limit is 220 lbs. It takes an average run time of one hour. The foot platforms are rubber constructed, which is safe, preventing slippage. The motor design allows you to climb inclines just fine. The downside of this model is that the black trim over the tires may not be that durable.

Swagtron Swagboard T1

Check this out; the Swagtron Swagboard T1 has a certification from UL2272, making it fit for consumers. It is a robust and versatile product. What makes it unique? It has a lot of power and its gyroscopic sensors that are accurate and responsive, picking up your movements with ease.

  • Safety: Swagtron Swagboard T1 pro has a safety stop technology. It is a system that minimizes falls due to the battery dying suddenly. You will receive a warning when the battery levels drop to alarming levels. Consequently, it will limit your top speed so that you can slow down safely and stop. This safety feature works both for adults and kids so that the sudden stop will not get the rider off guard. The hoverboard also consists of Swagtron’s Sentry shield technology. The design is an aluminum case that surrounds the battery that it won’t catch fire; if it fails or overcharges. Such a feature brings the peace of mind for the user, especially for the kids who may be using the vehicle.
  • Handle: Swagtron Swagboard T1 pro is a hoverboard with handle. This feature is also a safety factor since that user will minimize the twitchiness and the jerkiness that automatically leads to an accidental fall. Furthermore, the hoverboard comes with a learning mode, which is safer and slower. How do you learn how to operate the hoverboard? The action is more straightforward. You may practice your learning skills in the learning mode and progress slowly to a standard pattern to maximize the potential of the vehicle.
  • Performance: The Swagtron Swagboard T1 pro can accommodate the speed of 8 miles per hour. The vehicle receives power from two 300 motors making downhill and uphill control stable. You can travel through a distance of 12 miles before you consider recharging your battery. Get this: The hoverboard also consists of LED headlights that illuminate your ways at night while signaling other road users of your presence. The hoverboard performance maintains your safety throughout your journey, making it accessible for use. It can carry a weight of 220 lbs. Great for most of the kids.

Its disadvantage is; it lacks a hoverboard Bluetooth to operate assisted by an app. It also does not have built-in speakers for the rider to enjoy music.

Epikgo Hoverboard – Off Road Hoverboard

Are you in love with self-balancing scooters? Epikgo Hoverboard is an excellent off-road hoverboard that is agile for its size. The unique feature about its size is, it is about 30% wider and more substantial than a standard hoverboard. It is an advantage to the rider since he will enjoy more space to place his feet for stable operation. The vehicle also consists of an extended surface to assist the user in controlling the board. Such an allowance is helpful in off-road situations where the rides prove to be bumpy.

  • Safety: The hoverboard consists of a sturdy board built hard fireproof plastic and the wheel covers constructed from steel. The idea is to prevent breakages in case the hoverboard crashes. The covering also ensures that there lack sharps edges after collisions, which may result in secondary injuries to the user. You will also discover that the entire hoverboard is waterproof with IP54 certification. Furthermore, it can submerge in deep puddles without creating mechanical complications.
  • The Epikgo is usually an off-rood beast providing unparalleled grip levels on gravel, grass, sand and pavement. You don’t have to panic when you meet such surfaces on your route. The hoverboard that is safe, giving you unparalleled performance in off-road situations. You are not limited to where you can travel with this type of hoverboard. The large solid rubber will enable the rider to move on all terrains.
  • Certification: Epikgo meets the standards of UL2272 hence consumable in the US market. The certifications make sure the rider enjoys a safe ride always. For the users, the risk of overheating and short-circuiting gets reduced. The vehicle also uses UL2271 certified battery that controls cases of blowing when the temperatures run high or its current flow shooting up. The hoverboard consists of LED headlights that will provide light for the rider and keep him safe at night. You put the lights on and make yourself visible to other commuters and pedestrians along the passage.
  • Performance: The hoverboard consists of two powerful 400W motors that propel up to 10 miles per hour. The traveling range can extend up to 10 miles. Let me explain. The presence of these large motors will enable you to climb to an uphill up to 15 degrees while keeping your desired pace. You will take an impressive time of between 1-2 hours to charge the battery before you live for your destination. You can travel to a distance of 10 miles and do a quick recharge before you return home.
  • All terrain: Let’s take a closer look about the hoverboard carrying capacity. The Epikgo can withstand 265 lbs of weight; it is self-balancing and can move comfortably on all terrains. Its wheels measuring 8.5 inches helps to support your child when they ride on the hoverboard. You can use it averagely for one hour before the battery drains to allow the next recharge. The spacious foot surface can accompany even older kids. One of the main downsides of this hoverboard is that it cannot handle the high slopes up to 30 degrees. It has a limit of 18 degrees.


Hoverboards are becoming a new form of transport in most developed countries such as the US, Japan and Europe. They are also available for recreation for the users to enjoy the sport and fun. Every time you go for the purchase, ensure you buy the hoverboard that meets the required safety standards. The young generation is providing the raw market for the hoverboard business.

Let’s rewind and I remind you that there is hoverboard for kids. Let the type of the hoverboard you purchase accommodate the safety standards to minimize risk when your kids operate. A hoverboard that is self-training for beginners works well for both kids and adults. Let us remain responsible for our travels to reduce accidents and promote safety.

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